Kris Humphries to Choose Divorce Trial Over NBA Playoffs

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While trade rumors continue to circulate around Kris Humphries, this loser of a power forward is reportedly giving the Nets another reason to ship him out as soon as possible.

Kris in Plaid

The baller's divorce trial against Kim Kardashian is scheduled for May 6, smack dab in the middle of the NBA playoffs.

Will Kris therefore skip the legal proceedings, which could easily go on without him? Will he agree to settle before this mess goes in front of a judge?

No and no, according to TMZ sources.

Humphries has apparently already decided to skip any playoff games that fall on the same day as the trial because he is just THAT determined to embarrass his ex-wife.

The news comes on the heels of Humphries' attorney dropping Kris as a client and with anyone of sound body and mind knowing he has NO chance at successfully arguing that Kim duped him into a marriage.

Then again, with Humphries only averaging 6 points and 6 rebounds per game, the Nets may be thrilled to see him voluntarily sit a game or two out.


Looser??? Obviously you got your last name for a reason. Ms. Hater.


why is he a loser? she has been using (or another word) people to get fame and fortune for years! He's out to prove it was all a sham. I hope he succeeds!

@ kevinj

I'm a woman and I'm actually siding with Kris!,
I can't stand those no talent low class trashians.
The mother (the pimp) is the worst. I am sooo glad
Someone is standing up to that biotch, and
Is shining the spotlight again on the SHAM wedding.
you are a Real man not a wimp


What an asinine article. The writer is obviously a KarTRASHian fan and knows nothing about basketball. Players don't "voluntarily" sit out games - the coach decides who plays and who doesn't, and if a player isn't contributing he sits. Frankly, I would love to see Kris embarrass Kim but don't think it's possible - this bunch of no-talent fame whores has no shame. Like Joel McHale said Kim is famous for having a big ass and a sex tape, and it's gone to hell from there. She has accomplished NOTHING and does NOTHING except run around with cameras following her so stupid people with nothing better to do (like the author of this article) treat her like she's royalty instead of the white trash she truly is.


........WHERE, the hell, ARE HIS DOLLS, folks?

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