Kris Humphries is Now 28 Years Old

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Kim Kardashian's husband turns 28 years old today.

Indeed, Kris Humphries - the man who is still somehow married to Kim Kardashian and who has also managed to turn public opinion in her favor during this dragged-out divorce battle - celebrates a birthday on February 6.

Kris with Kim

Although does Kris really have a lot to celebrate?

He's hated on by most celebrity gossip followers; Khloe Kardashian referred to Kris as delusional last week; and his Brooklyn Nets lost last night to a short-handed Los Angeles Lakers squad.

Humphries, who lost his starting spot weeks ago, went for just four points and nine rebounds.

So go ahead and wish Mr. Kris Humphries a very happy birthday today. If you want to for some reason.

Other famous folks celebrating birthdays today include:

  • Axl Rose (51)
  • Tom Brokaw (73)
  • Ronald Reagan (Posthumous)

This whole thinng with kris and kim...what can we say...eople who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones....let's see now...the Kardashians got famous because their dad was oj's attorney and so did they think thhat qualifies THEM to be famous or have a show? Nah...oh wait if your married its ok to break your vows even if your seperated? Nah thats still adultery and she is regnant


Delusional would be thinking that public opinion turned in kims favor


The reason it's dragging out is because he's claiming divorce based on fraud. I say - go for it. I like him more for forcing her to admit she did it just for the attention. This just makes me like him more.


This is a mean article. There is no need to kick a guy when he is down. You are a bully- why wish him a Happy Birthday? Come on.


He is hated by every celebrity gossip follower and how does that make any significant change in his life lol?
He is hated by the whole hollywood because he doesn't kiss nobodys ass!!! If you don't kiss ass in Hollywood your an enemy and if you don't pay bloggers to write good stuff about you your fucked???? Not if the ppl reading the articles are smart... With that being said Happy Birthday Kris

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