Kim Kardashian "Used Kanye for Sperm," Tabloid Claims

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Kim Kardashian has had babies on the mind for years, a Star cover story alleges, going from man to man to man until she could knock herself up with an acceptable male companion.

According to the tabloid, the reality star only went after the rapper for his penis secretions, not his heart or his mind.

Kim Kardashian: Pregnant for Cash?

"She totally used Kanye for his sperm," a source tells magazine. "She’s been on the hunt for a sperm donor ever since splitting from Reggie Bush. As soon as she realized that [Kris Humphries] was a bad choice for a father, Kim ditched him and went after Kanye.”

The source somehow knows that Kim and Kanye were "having sex every second of the day," but West didn't think much of it.

(Typical guy, eh, ladies?!?)

Kardashian supposedly did, however, because she was anxious to get pregnant. She reportedly even pressured her man to agree to IVF treatments because she couldn't conceive naturally.

“Kanye is way more into her than she is into him. He would do anything for her,” says this unnamed insider. “That’s why the sob story worked out and he agreed to the in vitro. But if he hadn’t agreed to it, she would have left him in a heartbeat and found a new baby daddy. Kim totally used Kanye for his sperm.”

Even if this is true, hey, at least West got to see Kim Kardashian nude, right?

Granted, so has anyone with a Playboy subscription or computer.


This woman only uses people to get what she wants. One day, she will be all alone and all by her side and I will be happy. She is nothing but a lying, manipulating woman who uses her ''looks'' and ''body''(we all know her booty is fake) to get what she wants out of men.
Only stupid and colorstruck Black men go after this tramp as well as stupid men from other races. As a woman, I am not jealous of Kim Kardashian at all. She is nasty, crazy and a disgusting person all the way!


OMG. Do you know her personally. You sound like you are so jealous and bitter over the men she has dated. The girl is drop dead gorgeous, you know her butt is fake cause you saw it up close and personal, or you wish you had it, if black men wants to be with her, let them, they are all grown men who knew what they were gettin into, callin her a slut and she has more men lined up to be with her. Can u say that about yourself. Don't hate.


actually her booty is real. they had an episode where the doctor contested to that fact. And what is wrong with a beautiful lady getting what she wants
? Nothing
!! if your going to be happy if kk ends up alone than you must be pretty alone and bores yourself!

@ beautiful lady

Her booty is not real, a quick look at any pics around 2006 show her breasts and butt was way smaller, nice try though kim.


Kim Kardashian will use anyone to get what she wants. What a evil witch! At the end of the day, this woman will end up all alone with no man to help or be by her side. Trust me on this! If I were a man, which I am a woman, I wouldn't even give this woman the time of day. Sad to say but colorstruck Black men think she is the cream of the crop when she is nothing but trash.

Edith ndidi

@ AMK, you may be right in a way....also am not a fan of Kim, but l think, those black men as you put it are not in your words COLOUR STRUCK.... l think they are BOOBS AND BUTTS STRUCK !!!!! Lol..


*yawn* I think I need to hire Kim's publishing agent. Whoever this person is has got to be the industry's finest. No one else could keep such a nothing issue as the Kardashian exploits front page so often. This person has superhero skills that marvel comics could use for a new comic book. With an agent for my publicity like what Kim has...I could be EMPEROR OF THE UNITED STATES ...maybe the WORLD! rotflmmfao


If West saw Lim nude, that means Kim also saw West nude. So what is this about West seeing her nude? He can go pay prostitudes and see dem nude or Kim can be payed while guys strip for her. So stop making it sound like only the man saw her nude while d girl never saw him nude. They both enjoyed it. Maybe d girl enjoyed it more even. Lol

Kevin cavanaugh

Kayne is going to wish he was an anonymous doner because Kim will probably dump him soon and go after his assets to support their "almost love child." I read where it was a plus for Kayne to see Kim naked but for the life of me, I do not see why that would be a plus. She, to me, is not asthetic to the eye, artifically enhanced anywhere and everywhere, and she is a drama queen. The whole family plays off their celebrity status and anyone becomming a part of that family needs their head examined - in my humble opinion. Kayne should have charged her a couple of million for his donation and he should have required that she sign a pre-bump agreement saying that it was only a business decision and he would not be liable for any financial support down the road.

@ Kevin Cavanaugh

loved what you wrote. i totally agree.


Will this useless no talent piss on me WAnt to be just Fuck off. She'll never change a shitty nappy she's going to have three nannies for that. I still think she's not pregnant just a fatass

@ mrs j

Until I see a baby, this is all a publicity stunt,like the rest of her life. She just looks fat, not pregnant, FAT.


im not a fan at all never seen even a sec of any of her shows. but i dont think this is true. they just want to start drama. you can tell by looking a t pics of them that she loves him. gee grow up people


She swallows to it is being reported.


Grow up you egotistical selfish bitch' you are like your mom drama central! Poor baby


Are y'all done? I mean I'm not a big fan of Kim, but come on. Find something new to gossip about! She is with child, congratulations to her. Do I care how she got pregnant? No! Is there anything new out ?

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