Kim Kardashian Lawyer on Kris Humphries: LIAR!

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Kris Humphries is nothing but an attention-starved liar who doesn't care one iota about the Kim Kardashian divorce case.

So says Laura Wasser in new court documents, as Kim's attorney claims Humphries isn't dragging out his legal battle with her client because he actually cares about the result of their relationship.

He's doing so to "blow the lid off reality television."

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Wasser asserts that Kris and his lawyers are looking to "expose" Keeping Up with the Kardashians as a scripted farce unless they receive a major payday.

What sort of proof does she have to back up that claim?

A bulk of Humphries' deposition questions have centered around the series, with Kris' attorney grilling producers on everything from "storyboards" to the "direction" given to cast members.

There have been numerous references, for example, to the "Bora Bora episode" in which Kris found out Kim had previously been married."

Wasser also slams Humphries - who is holding out for an annulment, sources say - for alleging he does not have time to be deposed until after the basketball season this spring. The All-Star break is this weekend, for example.

And Kris will certainly be playing no part in those festivities.


There is no bottom as to how low this guy will go.


I feel very SORRY for that child that she is carrying. It will be looked at as the BASTARD child born from a woman tha tmade SEX tape/tapes. How DEGRADING is that. Another intake, is if O.J. Simpson stayed at the Kardashians during the trial, did Kris Jenner *DO HIM*, and there was an UNPLANNED mistake made.

@ Grey Eagle

I don't think Kris did OJ, but I DO believe Khloe is simply NOT Kardasian's child.


It's NEVER her fault is it? If she can't get her way then it's somebody else's fault. Why would he not try to get the best settlement possible? After all she duped him big time. Who cares that she's GD pregnant and wants to get on, why should he care? She's married to him and boldly pregnant with someone else's child---what kind of moral code do these people live by? What kind of creep is West?
Kim's no one to be a role model for anybody but whores. Why about the young impressionalistic
girls out there. She's one of the reasons USA has such a bad reputation. She thinks (how I don't know) she's above it all. She's certainly NOT.

Avatar looks like the tapes will show that the wedding was a fraud. Also, Khole K has said that Kris was fame hungry....that coming from a kartrashian. I believe Kris H more than any of the Kartrashians. Let the cards fall were they should. THe Judge will be deciding not the lawyers. MB


Kris Humphries loves the attention. No one would pay this attention loving guy any attention if he were not still married to Kim Kardashian, in name only. He should be practicing basket ball,instead of wallowing in all this mess. His game sucks!

@ Tim

Personally, I think Humphries sees Kim's getting pregnant by another guy while still legally married to him as BIG dollar signs, and I don't blame him one bit for taking advantage of it because she made a fool out of him, a HUGE fool!!!


hhmmm how convenient of TMZ to write this article after Kris Humphries tweeted that Kris Jenner lied on "The View" they not fooling me though lol I can see through their bs

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