Kim Kardashian: Kris Humphries is Threatening My Baby!

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It is officially on between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. For real this time.

Not long after Humphries' lawyer questioned why Kim's pregnancy should play any role in her divorce case against his client, Kardashian has gone on the offensive against the Nets power forward.

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In a declaration filed today, Kim says that Humphries isn't simply irritating her by dragging his legal feet… he's putting the "health and well-being of my unborn child" at risk.

This assertion follows the claim that Kardashian has been experiencing severe pregnancy pains as a result of divorce-related stress.

Kim says she simply wants to move on and that an official split "will help create a new, full life for me," once again using her fetus as a figurative weapon against her ex-lover.

Overall, Kardashian argues, Humphries "is in control of my misery" and she wants this mess to be over.

And, finally, on that, THG has found something on which it can Kim Kardashian can agree.



wow, this is getting real "Naughty"!!


Kim could have had this settled a long time ago. She still has to give her depo. Kris gave his a long last year. What's holding her up? I wouldn't give in to her selfish demands either. She need to stop blaming other people for her actions. No one forced her to stop taking her birth control to get pregnant by Kanye while she was still married and going through a divorce and if she stop traveling and running around and keep her big ass at home to rest she wouldn't have stress.

@ Really!!!

I don't think she's once blamed Kris for getting pregnant, not sure where you'd get that from. She's been traveling for years, if that was causing her stress, she'd have felt that many years ago. As far as holding up the divorce, he gets all the blame, it's so sad that about 15 months after Kim filed, they still haven't gotten anywhere. It says everything about our legal system, and everything about the lack of decency in Kris Humphries. What a loser!!!


What Kim needs to is stop paying legal fees stop going to court and go on with her life like she has and one long day from now when he decides he now wants to be free Tell him no. I wouldn't have anything else to do with any of his other than receiving the signed papers.


Kris Humphrey needs to get a real life. Don't know anyone his age who would want to be tied up to this type of drama. He is obsessed with kim

@ jules

He should have signed the divorce papers from the beginning we shouldn't even be discussing this now. Kim I'm glad u made the choice to get rid of him. This extra drama tells u what type of person he really is. A control freak who would have made u miserable


kris humphries a lame buster scorned who didnt deserve the pussy no way! he never stood a chance kardashian woman like it Big Black Long and Fat something to help em get 6 or 7 nuts no soft sweet shit from the mama on down especially kims fine ass!


Kris was deposed back in June. Kim has claimed work scheduling issues, meanwhile she has had numerous vacs but could not reserve one day for deposition......who is delaying!! She got pregnant to force Kris for a quick divorce and he will not be manipulated by these people. Furthermore Kris lawyers have yet to receive docs asked but to no avail!!!!!!!!what are they afraid of??? It is the Kim Kamp that is delaying not Kris and now she wants sympathy. For the last 3 months she has traveled 3 or 4 times to Paris, then to Africa, Miami, New York and LA... which is very very bad for a pregnant woman. airplane traveling is not recommended has it may affect the baby very seriously not to mention all her phto shoots, stores opening, night clubs etc...A pregnant woman should be resting!! Once again she wants it her way, she wants a divorce so she should get it when she says so, well too bad, Kris knows her and he will not play her game. Good for him. Be prepared everybody, next to make it real she will be hospitalized...just watch. MB

@ Mboomer

Actually I've known plenty of women who have been pregnant and work until they have the baby. They usually take time off after delivering, to take care of the kid. Traveling is bad for a baby? You have any proof? It sounds like something a tabloid would spew.
Her pregnancy has nothing to do with the divorce. She's wanted a kid for a long time now. It's Kris that's holding things up. Answer me, were you one of the haters who hated Kris back when he was with Kim? It's funny how hated he was at one time, now the haters defend him. You people are so sad!


This an all time low for this fame hungry cum dumpster, using her unborn baby as an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for her sham of a marriage. Granted, he maybe should just move on and get over but I get he is trying to prove a point and stand up to this whore. If she was that concerned about her baby and was seriously so "stressed" then maybe she should stop flying all over the place to pose for photo ops and chase her boyfriend around the world, she never misses an opportunity to call the paparazzi to come follow her and her horrible family somewhere doing something meaningless. She is disgusting and doesn't deserve the beauty of being able to have a child, which she will probably just use as a money making photo op.


Does she not realize that the judge will probably see the only fair thing to do is grant Kris an annulment under these circumstances.


i met her here in seattle once. she was very nice but her booty is enormous.


TOO FUCKIN BAD! I the Hose Bag shouldn't of gotten pregnant ~ so DESPERATE to save the KAR"TRASH"IAN from looking like what they are ~ WHORE FOR MONEY!!!!! FUCK THE WHORE's half & whatever they are!?

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