Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries Divorce Trial: Scheduled!

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Our national nightmare will not end for at least another three months.

The day after Kris Humphries' lawyer peaced out on his client and also trashed Humphries for claiming he can annul his marriage to Kim Kardashian, a judge has set a trial date for this pair to finally hash it all out.

They will meet in court on May 6.

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Image

Kardashian's attorney fought for a date next month, but nothing was available until well into the spring.

By now, everyone (unfortunately) knows the particulars:

  • Kris and Kim were married for 72 days.
  • Kim has been pushing for a divorce for well over a year.
  • Humphries has been stalling and claiming the marriage ought to be annulled because he was duped into a union Kim knew was phony from the start.
  • In other words: he's holding out to embarrass Kim, irritate Kim or force Kim into giving him a ton of money. Or a combination of each.

Oh, and a pregnant Kim Kardashian is expecting Kanye West's baby. Good times all around.

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The audience that watches this trash show is the young. It's so sad that any media would want anything to do with what they really are. Just look what the untalented paris has become after 30. Nothing!!


Without the uncut tapes he has no chance for getting the annulment and the Kartrashians and E networks made sure he would not get those tapes. WHAT IS IN THEM that is so incriminating. If there was nothing incriminating they would provide them Period. He was never after the money and proof of that is: should he get the fraud they would all have to give back the money to the sponsors so he did not care about the money. As for the rest of the money, let the accountants deal with that part. I think it was fraud, you could see it but too difficult to prove without the tapes. He stands his grounds...good for him, he knows what they are all about giving that he lived with them all. These people should be rebuked from society, not looked up by younger naive people. They are absolute trash. How low the bar has dropped to become famous these days. MB