Kim Kardashian Gun Photo Sparks Controversy, Regret

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Kim Kardashian stepped Instagram first into the ongoing controversy surrounding gun control this week, posting a photo to that social network of a diamond-encrusted handgun.

It was quickly deleted, with a source telling E! News the publishing was some kind of "mistake" and "Kim hates guns."

And yet... she has one? A diamond-encrusted one that likely cost well into the five figures? Here's a look at the weapon/image in question:

Kim Kardashian Gun Photo

On January 14, in response to the horrific Newton, Connecticut shooting, Kardashian Tweeted:

"Today, people in Newtown are making the #sandyhookpromise to reduce gun violence. Sign the pledge with me at at"

As you might expect, the posting sparked a debate on Twitter, with some followers calling out Kim as a hypocrite and others defending her Second Amendment rights.

And stress such as this is the last thing Kim needs. Her fetus, after all, is already in danger, thanks to Kris Humphries.


Kim wasn't getting enough media attention so she posted the gun pic. Boom, she's getting attention. And THG stop saying that Kris is harming the disgusting bastard fetus. If anyone is causing it harm it is Kim.


they are all so dumb that they probably don't know which end of the weapon is which!!!! hand them all one and let's see what happens!!!! wahahahahah.....

Shyleonheart at hotmailcom

Is that the diamond encrusted piece that Kanye was talking about in the song, "Power"?


More delusional nonsense from this aging knucklehead! And This pathetic case for a woman will be raising a child -- a very sad commentary, indeed.

@ AnitaC24

Who are you kidding....Kim won't be raising the kid...she will hire nannies to do it. Pfft.


Guess them mean streets of Malibu and bel air are too much for Kim k. Cracks me up these celebrity wanna be thugs. Their only struggle is what kinda car they gonna drive or which mink fur to wear to this award show. Where I come from we use guns to hunt our food to reduce our grocery bill. We keep guns in our HOMES to protect our families from the thugs and wannabes. Kim thinks she's hood now that she's with Kanye. The only hood this bitch knows is a pullover or zip up hoodie lmao!!!! Wld love to see Kim function in a normal neighborhood and society. Bitch please!!!!


hopefully she will shoot herself.....Ho-Bag

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