Kim Kardashian Divorce Stress: Pregnancy at Risk!

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We hope you're happy, Kris Humphries.

Being a delusional, money-hungry moron isn't just putting your reputation at risk... it's also causing serious problems for Kim Kardashian's fetus!

Kim Kardashian Signs

Sources close to the reality star say she consulted with physicians last week because she was experiencing pregnancy pains.

Following an examination, the doctor determined that Kim's condition was mostly stress-related. And we all know there's only one stress in this woman's entire life? The Kris Humphries divorce case!

Kardashian's health issues, after all, returned - more extreme than ever - just hours before she met with her attorney yesterday.

Kim is reportedly very worried about the "long-term effects" the divorce-related stress could have on her baby and is really hoping all is settled some time in the next few weeks.

Shame on you, Kris Humphries. Shame. On. You.

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Then she should have waited until after the divorce to get pregnant.


Seriously? I don't see why Kris Humphries should be the only one to blame. She decided to marry the kid. She should've waited when this whole divorce thing is settled before getting pregnant. Things happen but as a grown woman, she has to stop pointing fingers.

@ MissyD

i couldnt of said it better


Don't blame Kris, he wasn't the one screwing a monkey while he was married...

@ Tim Horlsley

I guess your jealous that monkey isnt u... Poor guy... I guess your mad because as u put it, that monkey has something that poor Kris has a lack of.... BALLS!!!!@

@ T Moore

Is that the opinion coming from the head of The Brotherhood of Monkeys Union Local 000 out of the Asian or African continents?

@ T Moore

T Moore, you sound like a jack@ss. Kim is a money grubbing whore that couldn't keep her legs closed, she is the one that used Kris in a fraud of a marriage for money....Kanye is just ugly as hell so I hope that if it's a boy he doesn't get cursed with the ugliness of his daddy.