Kim Kardashian Divorce Stress: Pregnancy at Risk!

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We hope you're happy, Kris Humphries.

Being a delusional, money-hungry moron isn't just putting your reputation at risk... it's also causing serious problems for Kim Kardashian's fetus!

Kim Kardashian Signs

Sources close to the reality star say she consulted with physicians last week because she was experiencing pregnancy pains.

Following an examination, the doctor determined that Kim's condition was mostly stress-related. And we all know there's only one stress in this woman's entire life? The Kris Humphries divorce case!

Kardashian's health issues, after all, returned - more extreme than ever - just hours before she met with her attorney yesterday.

Kim is reportedly very worried about the "long-term effects" the divorce-related stress could have on her baby and is really hoping all is settled some time in the next few weeks.

Shame on you, Kris Humphries. Shame. On. You.


When I read delusional money-hungry moron, I though you were talking about Kim. The Kardashians are a train-wreck. I'll look away now.


Why is everyone feeling sorry for Kim!! She used this man to make money and ratings for her TV show!! Please this woman is a talentless money hungry bitch!! How soon people forget!!


She's pregnant people.. She is use to the stress my words she runs multiple business's.. She just wants the attention.. As I have said before I feel so sorry for this child! This is one screwed up family!!


Lets all blame kris, get a life. if all you have better to do is gossip about celebs than your life is worthless. this is all a joke and bullshit from some rich stuck up woman. oh i forgot who never does anything wrong its always someone else to blame.


Kris deserves the annulment. The sooner she admits fraud the sooner she can move on. 72 days is only 2 mos and 12 days worth of marriage. She walked not him. I not believe this is about money as much as principal. My guy proposed to me. It was my responsibility to let him understand that I'll accept the proposal as long as we carry a long engagement. I wanna be sure this is what we both want. She shldve had a long engagement. Kim was like me and had been married before as well as she older than Kris. She was fully aware. 72 day marriage is something ppl do in their 29s when ur still green. With Kim in her 30s and having had her mistake marriage in her 20s she was very aware of what she was doing.


Please, now this tramp is using her unborn to get sympathy. How low will she go? She is a tramp with no morals and now this proves it. Kim do us all a favor and go in hiding.


There is a really simple solution to this stress. Admit the marriage was fraud, because we all know it was. Boom, that stress is gone!


You people make me sick!!!.........Kim K is known to the public!!....she's also going through a really long divorce....Kris isn't the only reason she has stress..even so said gives you no right to pick on her...she's pregnant so what???......get over it you jealous bunch of fucked up losers!!!!

@ Riley

Shut the f**k up you twit!

@ Riley

Pregnancy is something billions of other women have gone through. Does not make you an invalid or crippled. She shld praise God every night bc she cld never walk in a real woman's shoes. I know women ( including me ) that labor hard working menial jobs, caring for fams, and under stresses Kim can only read about. Can't stand her sodiddy ass!!!!


she's not pregnant,media hoax, miscarriage is next and a split with what's his face. what a sick world we live in. we just have to pray for the sick ones.


A child born during wedlock is legally the husbands child....regardless of dna...i hope someone told spoiled little Kim this as she is running a game over on kris and getting off on the publicity.

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