Kim Kardashian Divorce Stress: Pregnancy at Risk!

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We hope you're happy, Kris Humphries.

Being a delusional, money-hungry moron isn't just putting your reputation at risk... it's also causing serious problems for Kim Kardashian's fetus!

Kim Kardashian Signs

Sources close to the reality star say she consulted with physicians last week because she was experiencing pregnancy pains.

Following an examination, the doctor determined that Kim's condition was mostly stress-related. And we all know there's only one stress in this woman's entire life? The Kris Humphries divorce case!

Kardashian's health issues, after all, returned - more extreme than ever - just hours before she met with her attorney yesterday.

Kim is reportedly very worried about the "long-term effects" the divorce-related stress could have on her baby and is really hoping all is settled some time in the next few weeks.

Shame on you, Kris Humphries. Shame. On. You.


Kim should have waited until her divorce to have a baby. She really really loved Humphries, isn't that what she said when she split after seventy so,etching time. Well she he her dream wedding and now she is in love with someone who threw out all her clothes, I would have been so insulted by that order, and she dutifully replied YES even though she couldn't tolerate sharing a closet with Chris, oh yeah she was in love. My foot.


Shame on Kris?! Whoever wrote this little article should keep in mind that Kim roped Kris into marrying her without a shred of LOVE being involved. She's a complete user. Just because she's now pregnant doesn't make her any less of a user. If she loses her baby, will that be Kris's fault too? Please stop pushing these wierd theories on us!!


Sorry I think both are acting like kids two she just saying this because she wants the devorice over before the baby gets here she was messing around before she was devoriced so its her fault just as much as his. she is selfish ass there may not be nothing wrong with the baby just tryinf to find a way out of devorice faster thats all soory but shes selfish type to do it to get what she wants


Now, this is a SCAM..or a way of trying to make the first husband feel GUILTY. Why didn't her doctor tell her to cut back on the TRAVELING and WORKING?That is the first thing they always tell the mother 2 B. Rest! And lots of it. She took 3 months OFF after the SPLIT, so it is TIME now, to realize, that if you want this BABY, you have to do t hings different in your life. NOT try and do the *GUILT TRIP* on X husband? OR, since the OFFER was refused, try and alocate to a different angle...B.S.

@ mahala32745

I agree with you on this one


Stop the blame..Kris Humphries is angry because Kim made a fool of him by using him and the wedding so she could get $17 million.
Kim wants the world to see him as the bad guy and she wants you to see her as the new character Kanye has created for her. but least we forgot she is the one who had numerous sex partners since high school(Michael Jackson's nephew) and she is one who made the sex tape.
Kim pretty much is her mother.
I expect Kim to tell the world she is no longer pregnant and it was the fault of Kris Humphries.!

@ Lois J S Levy Smith

In divorce, its always the man's fault. Just ask any divorced woman. When a woman doesn't want to put her husband through the ringers of court, her girlfriends, next boyfriend, and especially her lawyer will insist she does like its a hereditary duty of women to grind up the man, if for no other reasons than she deserves the monetary gains and he deserves all the hate...and besides...he's a man...he can handle it ...right? Men don't have feelings or care...fuggem over every chance you get...right? Typical American woman mentality in this day and age...all the legal rights under the law and in public opinion but NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS OR BEHAVIOR!


She is such a cheap selfishly tramp. Probably doesn't want the kid anyway. Just give the Guy annulment you sleazy fraud


after they separated kris had a baby before kim dated kanye. he is looking desperate and offending his babymama by trying to hold on to this marriage. he was a jerk and I dont blame her for leaving him.


I have a solution... Give Kris an annulment! All it requires is your signature? See.. All better!


After that marriage sham, I find it hard to care about anything these two do, baby or no baby.


Hueva wrote dis tweet must be absolutey craaazy. We haven't forgotten hw Kim used him to score cheap points for her lousy fake fairy tale wedding and kept all d goodies to herself. Kris Humpheries didn't beg her to date him, she it was who sought him out. Was she blind then. There wasnt any marriages so they shuld annul it and she shuld pay for damages for embarssaing him and hi entire family.

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