Kim Kardashian Divorce Stress: Pregnancy at Risk!

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We hope you're happy, Kris Humphries.

Being a delusional, money-hungry moron isn't just putting your reputation at risk... it's also causing serious problems for Kim Kardashian's fetus!

Kim Kardashian Signs

Sources close to the reality star say she consulted with physicians last week because she was experiencing pregnancy pains.

Following an examination, the doctor determined that Kim's condition was mostly stress-related. And we all know there's only one stress in this woman's entire life? The Kris Humphries divorce case!

Kardashian's health issues, after all, returned - more extreme than ever - just hours before she met with her attorney yesterday.

Kim is reportedly very worried about the "long-term effects" the divorce-related stress could have on her baby and is really hoping all is settled some time in the next few weeks.

Shame on you, Kris Humphries. Shame. On. You.




who cares???? so sick of this group.


kanye split, stress, kris h.,divorce...All this adds up to Never was Pregnant in the first place...Lying Whore, and Trampish Mammy


Good. Some people don’t deserve children. I think the whole thing is a fake anyway. She is pregnant enough that she should be showing and a fame whore like her wouldn’t be hiding it. I think she is faking it so she can fake a miscarriage in order to get even more attention.


"pregnancy pains". how stupid. everyone has pregnancy pains. he just wants his part in the sham marriage. she is supposed to get to keep all the presents and cash?


You know why is this family on TV cancel the show she has sex tapes to make her fame. She is not a good representative for youth she is just making it seem normal to have sex videos with young kids like it is ok to get married and divorced. It is ok to let a sex tape come out. It is ok to have sex with the hole world I add her on twitter and then I delete her like a throw away doll


Kris H is still out there trying to get his 15 mins. But really haters, its ok for that asshole Kris to date a look alike Kim, but she isnt allowed to live her life? That has to be a man saying that. KH is a piece of shit and doing all this for the $$$. That is his only reason. The man is scum that doesnt deserve to be on the bottom of a shoe. Time to be a man Kris and let it go.


She should have kept her legs closed until she was divorced...aren't her 15 mins of fame over yet!!!


I have no doubt the story was written to prompt writing. I don't think anyone feels Kris H. wants money. Kim kept the ring and all the gifts. In fact all he wants is for Kim to allow him to get an annulment but admiting this was a fraud. And to him it seems that he was taken for a ride.Maybe Kim should slow down in her schedule of being all over the place posing for photos and making appearences. This is stress. For her to put her feet up and relax would mean less money and that is something she just won't do. I refuse to glorify this pregnancy without seems to run in the family.


Well she could just settle. Its not like she doesn't have the money. That would save her ALOT of stress. She should just swallow her pride and put her baby's health first and let humphries have the money and be done with it.

@ jessica

I agree. Kim shuda swallowed. There wud be no baby, no divorce, no stress...on either of them. BUT...then what would she do to stay in the spotlight getting more basically free money and sympathetic attention? Poor, poor Kim! I'm crying for her...not from sympathy...but because I'm laughing so hard!

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