Kim Kardashian Divorce Stress: Pregnancy at Risk!

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We hope you're happy, Kris Humphries.

Being a delusional, money-hungry moron isn't just putting your reputation at risk... it's also causing serious problems for Kim Kardashian's fetus!

Kim Kardashian Signs

Sources close to the reality star say she consulted with physicians last week because she was experiencing pregnancy pains.

Following an examination, the doctor determined that Kim's condition was mostly stress-related. And we all know there's only one stress in this woman's entire life? The Kris Humphries divorce case!

Kardashian's health issues, after all, returned - more extreme than ever - just hours before she met with her attorney yesterday.

Kim is reportedly very worried about the "long-term effects" the divorce-related stress could have on her baby and is really hoping all is settled some time in the next few weeks.

Shame on you, Kris Humphries. Shame. On. You.


This article has me hella weak right now. She knows she Fucked up hella she should of FINSHED getting a divorce and do it the RIGHT way with kanye. if she knew she was stressing out in the begin how you gana sit here and get pregnant. If the tables we'r turned her and her mom would be there trying to get something out of it.she didn't Even want kids to being with she's probably stressing because she got pregnant i wish it would been KHOLE N NOT HER


Stress? Counting her millions? Maybe if she stayed home once in awhile and stopped partying around. Then she could rest. She screwed over Humpries just give him his ring back ( you don't need it or the money) be a bigger person. Stop being a drama queen. You know you and YOUR family held up all the depositions and delayed the court dates over and over. He is trying to stay out of the media. It's your own fault . Move on


awww, she's stressed from trying to figure out whos kid it is.....dirt....


You people are idiots you're wishing Kim to lose her baby. You're so stupid that you're acting as if you know Kim and Kris personally. How can you say the baby is trash when it is an innocent child. No woman wants to lose a child regardless of her martial status. Willing to bet you wouldn't tell her and Kaye to their face this dumb shit. Freaking grow up and behave like adults. Not to mention she married Kris therefore that makes the ring hers legally.

@ Ms Billie

Who said they wish she'd lose the baby? What we're saying is she made her bed, and now her baby has to lie in it with her, regardless the mess it is.
As for the ring, SHE ended the marriage, that means SHE should give the ring back.
Humphries did nothing wrong, except for believe her lies and get sucked into her fairytales, so he shouldn't be out any $$$, especially the $2M the ring cost.
She made the mistake and she should pay - dearly!!!


She made her bed. How unfortunate this unborn child is being made to sleep in the mess she's made. Praying for it, regardless of the idiot it has for a mother (and grandmother).

@ Frogmore

How dumb can a person be? She's danged lucky Humphries isn't dragging her through more than he is, seeing she got pregnant by another guy before their divorce was finished. What a stupid thing to do! I guess her crazy Momager didn't advise her to keep her legs together until then or she'd risk losing a great deal of $$$.
And give the ring back Kim. You're the one who not only ended the marriage, you got knocked up by another guy before your divorce was even over.


Whoever causes Kim K to suffer in pain and possibly lose her unborn child is going to be held responsible anyway.


Be careful what you say people. Rumor has it that Barak Obama has Kim on his list for appointment to high political office along with Beyounce Knowles! Maybe even theSupreme Court!


It's just as much Kim's fault as it is Kris'. She hasn't even returned the ring yet. If I was Kris I'd drag the whole thing out too if she refused to give the ring back. The article calls Kris fame and money-hungry? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That's Kim you moron.

@ Jasmine

Who cares she brought this all on her self in the name of money. She is married to Kris and what ever he ask for now she should give him after all she is carrying another mans baby and she's married.. This whole family are sick and what they add to this world is just trash.


Like MOST of all us say n think =WHO CARES? She shouldn't even have ANY right to have ANY fame, I hope Kanye dumps her pathetic sorry A#S!!! POOR baby!!! :(


nothing like the blame game. take responsibility for your own stress. I would be stressed if i lived in front of the cameras all the time trying to put on fiscade that life is so great for her. Being fake is more stressful thank a fake divorce after a fake wedding.

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