Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Go Global, Take Over Fashion World

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren't just making like Jesus Christ these days. They are making plans to take over every sector of the fashion universe.

According to TMZ sources, the couple (kouple?) has already purchased a 14,000-square foot mansion in Bel Air.

Now, they are looking at property in New York, Miami and Paris as well, all of which are major epicenters for the world's hottest designers.

Kim Kardashian on the Move

Kim and Kanye have also spent the past few days in Brazil and insiders confirm they are open to purchasing a place in that country, too.

How will they ever afford so many homes? Come on. That's what a Kim Kardashian baby is for. Cha-ching!


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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Go Global, Take Over Fashion World
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Insiders confirm lots of things, it doesn't make it true. If you were to tell me they are buying an expensive home in LA, I would believe you. If you tell me they are going all over the world and buying homes in these other countries, many of which they barely have even walked on, I would tell you you're full of garbage. Kim and Kanye were probably just going to Brazil to enjoy that country, not to buy a home.


I read her new line will be called Tents & Tarpaulins.


Who is going to wear the shitty clothes these two assholes make! Kim is still nothing but a no talent walking public toilet! Piss off gay boy & classless whore

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