Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Simulate Sex on Magazine Cover

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have once again posed for a controversial photo.

No, this time they are not making like Jesus Christ. Instead, they are pretending to make love.

Yes, that's a seemingly nude Kim Kardashian straddling a naked Kanye West on the cover of French magazine L’Officiel Hommes.

We can only imagine how the couple's little girl will eventually react when she learns how to use Google...

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Magazine Cover

Do you find this cover shot classy or creepy? Sound off now on Kim and Kanye simulating sex for all to see. It is...


I sometimes wonder if this is all a nightmare, and if I pinch myself, I'll wake up and this country will be decent again. It's an embrace! A couple embracing in a hug is a big deal? Are you kidding me? This country is falling faster than the record of the Orlando Magic. And no, it's not because of Kim and her morals, it's the press and the prudish haters who find a way to bash Kim anytime she shows skin. I'm waiting for the day we try to cover up women in public entirely, where they essentially can't show any skin. Trust me, at the rate we're going, it will happen in my lifetime. It's very sad.

@ Matt

It is an embrace, but the face she is making takes it to another level. You cannot pretend it isn't there. Sex sells for her. People are tired of her and the message she sends.That does not mean that girls will be wearing burkas. We shouldn't be glorifying shows that highlight teens who are pregnant and women who are famous for selling sex. She puts her life on display. Her every move. She wants people to watch. This is her choice. So if you ask the people to tune in, be prepared for them to give an opinion. When she is tired of it, she can go back to her private life. Then it will stop. This is all up to her.

@ Elle

So you're one of those prudes, eh? I stand by it, it's a hug. That's all. Besides, it's a foreign publication, why do you care? As far as people getting sick of her, you have a right to come on these sites and click on the link or not. It's your choice. If you hate her, do your best to not pay attention. There's certainly celebrities I hate, I don't go on their sites, nor would I ever type their name in a search engine.


Kanye 'Kunta Kinte' West has a brillo-pad-head...Koalburner Kim must be into steel wool...why do blk men have their pubic hair on their head? LOL


Gross. Didn't she have enough with her sex tape? Go away you two.



@ abe

abe, did that remark make you feel more like a man this morning?


T R A S H. I hope her husbands lawyer is taking notes. But, I do not think NOT having MORALS is a CRIME.


Hello, As a representative of the the Anti-Sex in Media campaign, I would like to decry this disgusting show of corruption of the minds of innocent people, and demand a boycott of this magazine. Sincerely,
Raymond Temple
Anti-Sex in Media Organization, a Division of
Protection of the Innocent, a Subsidiary of The Fisher Donner Trust, Owned by FD International, Inc.

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