Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Pose Like Jesus

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On vacation this week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West strolled past the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

Did they snap photos like any regular, respectful tourist? Tweet their affection for Lord and Savior? Or actually strike the same pose as Jesus Christ Himself?

Do we really need to tell you the answer?

Kim Kardashian Jesus Pic

The Kim Kardashian baby bump is definitely prominent in the above photo, but we somehow doubt it's the aspect most readers will focus on.

What do you think of this act? Kim and Kanye posing like Jesus is...


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They need to stop playing whith juesse an God that's how i feel about it


The look on the woman's face in the background says it all. Are we really suprised that K KarTrashian did this?? And ya'll know she probably had someone take her fat ass all the way up there on a golf cart or something (hense the f*cking shoes)
Pathetic.. These two are making their bed...


what was that for


Wtf is with the shoes! Everyone else has like trainers or hicking boots on. I just can't with this fake bitch.


kim has the same eating habbit as khloe right now.
THAT'S HER EXCUSE FOR THE BELLY? or is there really a black kid inside of it? your bets!!


Come on - it's not like they act "crucified". I think this couple is completely boring, but about a million people, including Michael Jackson and Kate Winslet in Titanic, have posed like that.


1-their hands arent in the same position...soooo, still offensive
2-its Kim and Kanye...did you expect respect?


They both need to kneel down and ask Christ’s forgiveness for being adulterous whores.


There's nothing wrong with that!
Who says it's wrong, it's because delights in criticizing!
I am Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, and everyone both Brazilians and tourists make the same pose for picture taking!!


There is NOTHING religious about these two. They are lucky lightening didn't strike them.