Kate Middleton Baby Bump Photos Published, Royals Irate

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As promised, Chi Magazine defiantly published long-lens photos of the pregnant Kate Middleton strolling on the beach in Mustique in a blue bikini.

With the 31-year-old Duchess' ever-so-slight baby bump visible, the magazine's headline reads "La Pancia Cresce." Translation: "Your Belly Grows."

So does the controversy over Kate's right to privacy.

Kate Middleton Baby Bump

Chi Magazine, which supposedly paid $300,000-plus for the Kate Middleton bikini photos, appears utterly unconcerned by the ire of the British royal family.

Not shocking, considering that Chi, along France's Closer and other publications in Europe, ran even more scandalous topless photos of Kate last year.

Still, their publication has the Palace up in arms, again.

Reports first started to filter out over the weekend that a photographer managed the impossible, somehow breaching Mustique's legendary security.

Photos of Kate and sister Pippa Middleton strolling on Mustique's palm-fringed shores in bikinis emerged, but the UK media declined to run them.

The Sunday People said it had "chosen not to view the pictures," let alone use them, and "like the rest of the British media, will not publish them."

Kate Middleton Chi Magazine Cover

One UK journalist says there's "zero possibility" the Kate Middleton pics will be printed in Britain in the aftermath of last year's controversy. Elsewhere, however?

As we've seen, all bets are off outside the United Kingdom.

A St. James's Palace spokesman said: "We are disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas."

"This is a clear breach of the couple's right to privacy."

The photographs, taken from a boat offshore, may not be illegal, but are a huge blow for Mustique, which has thrived on its reputation as a paparazzi-free enclave.

Tabloids running Kate baby bump pics: Right or wrong?


can't the media leave them alone,isn't it enough that the reason Princess Di is dead its because of the media picture hungry morons who is out for a quick buck,for pete sakes leave them alone and let william and kate live a happy life.I thought there was a law with stalking.






if you dont want people to take picture dont wear a bikini out on a public beach. this entire thing is stupid, if you ask for attention, dont be all put out when you get it.


Don't get why they are so upset!!!!! You are a royal walking on a beach with a bikini and you expect no pics to come up? It's a beach for crying out loud. How you'd expect total privacy at a beach beats me!!!!!!


if you have respect for the brittish royals, you won't be posting this.


Hard to understand why the royals are so upset. Simple pictures of the couple walking down the beach looking perfectly wonderful.

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