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Well if Kate doesn't want to be bullied then she need to quít conpulsive lying about who she is and what she does practically everything in general; quit using her children in every way to gain fame and fortune for herself more like exploiting them; and quit grasping and grifting for freebies and work for real for them; get a real job, she's a nurse, Kate stated a while back she would work her fingers to the bone and she hadn't done that. Kate is a narcissist and she need to admit that is the reason she has had a hard life with bullies, her attitude and the lying is her problem, if she can get help and correct that and do right by her children by not exploiting them and let them live normal lives with out the spotlight then the bulling will stop, the haters are not jealous Kate, the problem haters have with Kate is her problem with lying and exploiting her children everyway possible to gain attention for herself and the fame and fortune thats the problem. Whats to be jealous about a women who lies for the sake of lying about everything and use and exploit the children? Why is Kate trying to stop Robert Hoffman book? Because she has something to hide and don't want to have realesed to the public. My point is if Kate can stop lying to herself and about everything and stop using her children for fame and fortune in the media and let them live normal lives and that she get a real job and work her fingers like she said to the bone and grifting freebies then the bullies will leave her alone, thats all Kate has to do.

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