Kate Gosselin: So BULLIED By People Online!

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Kate Gosselin is speaking out against bullying online and revealing the "deep scars" caused by some of the cruel comments people have made about her.

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The mother of eight opened up to BullyVille in a piece titled “My Experience with Real Life and Internet Bullying.” It's about ... well, peeps bullying her.

Kate Gosselin says she was tormented in middle school, then again in recent years with “adult bullying.” Kate says simply, “I’ve been bullied. A lot."

“Most of my memories are made up of confusing emotional struggles to figure out who I was and where I fit in," says the former spouse of Jon Gosselin.

"I was definitely bullied back then and the cruel comments and mean displays are memories that have left deep scars that remain with me til this day."

"Bullying made me feel insecure, alone, ugly, powerless, and hopeless at times.”

She calls this a “horrible disease” with no cure and says bullying via the Internet became very evident after her family gained fame on Jon and Kate Plus 8.

“When my life became very public in 2006 with the airing of our show ... I was honestly surprised that ‘adult bullying’ via the Internet existed,” Kate says.

“I am a positive person by nature and the fact that people flock to the Internet to make ugly, hurtful, untrue comments about myself and my family shocked me!”

Kate says she tries to tune out the “haters” and/or turn their bullying ways around by channeling that negativity into motivation to succeed in life.

“I ignore most of the hate and lies," she insists. "Since bullies come from a place of jealousy, I try not to let any of their vile dangerous words permeate me.”

"I have better things to do. I have eight wonderful children who need a mother to show them the love and support that surrounds them, not retaliation and bitterness."

“I use my haters as my motivators. If they say I can’t do it, rest assured I WILL do it. And I won’t stop until I’ve succeeded in achieving any given goal."

What do you think of Kate's comments? Have people been too hard on her? Or is she ignoring the fact that her own actions were public and justly criticized?


While I too agree that bulling is a horrible thing but what Kate does NOT say is that she too is a HUGE bully. Anyone who watched her show knows this to be a true statement. She bullied Jon for ten years and what about how she bullied her babysitter ( the one on the road trip ) She treats people like they are gum on the bottom of her shoe. YES I had the misfortune of meeting her while she was on a book tour years ago and she treated the people around her SO brutal.. So Kate before you complain that people are mean to you maybe you should look in the mirror...!!!!


While I don't agree with bullying, you kind of open yourself up to that when you agree to be on tv. Not everyone is going to like you, and you have to accept that. Additionally, we all watched her bully her husband for years. It can't be easy raising 8 kids alone, so I will credit her for trying her best. Compared to some moms out there(like Octomom), she's doing a pretty damn good job.


From reading a few of these comments I surmise that Kate G. is indeed vigorously bullied.Every article printed with her name is bombarded with these nasty, hateful, and mean spirited comments.Also if anyone makes a positive, kind comment about Kate then that person is bullied and maligned.

@ Anne

She is not raising her children alone. She not only has their father Jon who wants them and has joint custody but there is all the nannies and volunteer's too.


I love Kate! I think she's a fantastic mom!! She's had a lot to deal with and keeps on going!! I think she is a very strong woman and someone her children can look up to and model! Keep it up Kate!!


I thought we were rid of her long ago. Zip it cookie,enough is enough!!!

@ Snicker

A fantastic mother? WHATEVER! So you actually don't have a clue as to what a fantastic mother is do you? Go do your homework.


.......she is a fan of ASS-KISSER?
that's why she won't need toilet paper.


This is hilarious, We all watched while she bullied her husband, bullied her family and friends, and yes even her kids, so they would come around to her way of thinking, now all of a sudden she is being bullied, and she thinks it's because people are jealous of her. all of a sudden she is paying attention to her little money machines and she wants the Mother of the year award, look out world, she is about to reappear. Hilarious.


What a load of BS!! Such a huge bully claiming that she is bullied ? Oh please! Kate hasn't been in the news lately so this is what her PR team has come up with to try and get some headlines. Get over yourself already!

@ Mimsy

Always trying to be the victim Kate trying to justify her being bullied when the whole world saw her bully her husband, nannies, immediate family. Kate is the reason shes being bullied her narcissist attitude and using her kids to stay relevant in the spotlight.

Orlando perez

who"s "KATE"?


First of all, if she didn't want people making rude or bad comments about her, then she should have stayed out of the publics eye when the show went down the tubes! She treated Jon like crap, was like a drill sergent to the crew, nannies, etc., received a FREE body makeover, and was GIVEN free trips all over the world from TLC. Heck she could even keep her coupon job!! The only reason she is bringing anything up now is because people have forgotten about her and she needs money. So why not get back into the publics eye. Well I for one say..............GO AWAY!!!! WE'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!!!!!

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