Kanye West to Kim Kardashian: Keep Me Off Reality TV!

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In a recent interview, Kim Kardashian made it clear: she is not leaving her reality show any time soon.

Conversely, according to Radar Online sources, Kanye West has made it clear: he will not be appearing on her reality show any time soon.

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  • Kanye West Close Up

“He has made several brief appearances on the Kardashian reality shows, but wants nothing to do with future filming," an insider says.

How come?

“Kanye’s team believes it’s bad for his image and brand to appear on a reality show because it makes him look cheap."

Well... yeah. But perhaps he should have thought of that before hitching his wagon to Kim's large caboose.

Especially because Kardashian apparently only used Kanye for his sperm.

“It’s such a departure for Kim because she constantly nagged Reggie Bush when they were dating for him to come on the show," the source adds. "He just refused, and it was one of the reasons why they broke up.

“Kim will probably be able to talk Kanye into doing several cameos, but that will be it.”

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It's hard to be jealous of a self-absorbed no talent tramp! Lol! The whole family is a joke and kanye always acted like an idiot. And ya what the crap is she wearing. Lmao!!!

@ Snciker

She looks like a bear in a tutu!!!


i cant stand any of the kardashians and i cant stand kanye..they will have an ugly baby..hes an ass and she is a bitch.. and no im not jealous.


I do not believe that at all, lol. Who sits & makes these things up?! Anywho, I like Kim, but wtf is she wearing??! I thought it was a curtain, but hey, it's her body. & I think Kanye will still do cameos on the show b/c that's his woman. He's a "rapper", not a "reality-tv" star, (just like Porsha on RHOA, her Hubby Cordell makes cameos on that show b/c "that's his wife"), but Good Luck to those 2, every1 deserves to be happy & a child is such a blessing to have!

@ ThaTruth

I actually felt she looked a tad fat in that outfit. She looks good, but the outfit did no good for her body. she should try something else...