Justin Bieber Weed Photos: More to Come?

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A new Justin Bieber pot smoking scandal may be on the way.

According to TMZ, new photos of the singer getting high are being shopped around the Internet. They feature Justin and Lil Za enjoying themselves some Mary Jane while outside a home in Los Angeles.

Za is the same person who was caught driving Bieber's Ferrari early this morning without a license.

Biebs in Texas

A few weeks ago, of course, Bieber was caught smoking up with Lil Twist, clearly holding a lit joint at a party. He later took to Twitter in response and promised to "be better."

TMZ has reached out to Bieber's camp for a comment. So far, nothing.

But do YOU have any, readers?

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Oh just wait you will see more then just Justin smoking weed you will see him doing Coke and so much more trust me the kid is in o a lot of stuff and his slowly putting the stuff he is doing out in the media just so he can stay in the lime light since he know longer has Selena to keep him famous.
I know what Justin is doing because I'm friends with his cousin John.
Keep screwing up Justin I want to see you fail like I know you will because you can't sing unless you use a autotuner.

@ Shawn

Didn't he learn from whitney houston?? Why did he even try this shit? I thought it was normal for kids to hear from their parents that drugs are baad

@ Shawn

U crazy stupid mothafuckar


people in puberty do these things................