Joan Rivers Mocks Adele's Weight: Fair or Foul?

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Forget Rolling in the Deep.

According to Joan Rivers, Adele continues to roll in the dough.

Appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, the 80-year old comedian was asked about her experience at Sunday's Academy Awards and for whatever reason focused her wrath on this talented singer.

“What is her song? Rolling in the deep?” Rivers asked. “She should add fried chicken!”

Adele with an Award

After Adele gave birth last fall, meanwhile, Rivers Tweeted: “Congratulations to Adele on the birth of her 68 pound 8 ounces bouncing baby boy.”


What do you make of these jokes? Joan Rivers slamming Adele for being fat is...


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What a bitch.... 80 years old and has had so much plastic surgery she looks in-human. She better take a long good look in the mirror before she talks about anyone else... she is redicilous.. and I would spit in her face given the chance.


yes she is unfair has she looked in the mirror lately size has nothing to do with anything adele has talent and is a beautiful person no matter what size she is but joan they is no hope for you


she needs to watch the weight jokes even though she may think it is funny which it is not to mock someone because of their looks,or weight is not a good thing to do . what if the shoe was somehow on the other foot she really needs to think sometimes before she says stuff even though she is outspoken we need to set a better example for younger girls an skin an bones are not that pretty but some curves are . not everyone can be stick thin an as long as the person is healthy or happy then why should it matter how fat or thin they are. she is a great singer an joan is just mad cause of it.


JR is, and quite frankly, never has been in the slightest funny. She makes these remarks because she knows that they will be derided and she, herself, mocked. It is the only way that this has-been can get attention and can get her kicks these days. It is high time that this crow disappeared for good!
Adele has real God-given talent, something that JR has never possessed.


Rude. Plastic surgery bitch needs to shut up!


At least Adele is a real person and not entirely plastic like Joan Rivers with all her plastic surgeries


That used up old jew is still around?


Oops ignore the although below :)


Can I just throw out there that although Joan Rivers is a 79 year old twig with no Oscars or Grammy's.


Shame on her to make such comments! I am done watching her shows. PERIOD. MB