Jennifer Lawrence: Smoking Pot in Hawaii?!

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Guess now we know the real reason Katniss was so hungry.

Jennifer Lawrence, smoking pot? We weren't there, so we can't say for sure, but one can assume that's what she's doing based on this photo. Check it out!

Jennifer Lawrence Smoking Pot

Earlier, we posted a gallery of Jennifer Lawrence no makeup shots, showing the Best Actress Oscar winner kicking back with a friend and some wine.

And apparently some herb!

After the telecast, Lawrence dyed her hair brown and flew to Hawaii to resume production on Catching Fire, the much-anticipated Hunger Games sequel.

The star said Sunday that she would have downtime in the Aloha State, however, and these photos taken on her hotel balcony certainly attest to that.

J-Law can be seen drinking red wine, hugging a friend, talking on the phone, laughing, and passing a rolled-up cigarette that is most likely a joint.

Not that we care, we're just looking at the picture. Hey, it's Hawaii and she just went through two months of award shows, interviews and epic falls.

Girl's gotta kick back sometime, right?


Uh... American sweethearth is a drugged ... Ah, Ah, great example for your children! Ah, ah! After Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan also Jennifer... Are the mirror of your nation?


She looks like a dirty crack head with her lesbian lover. Good for her.


Really who cares. I smoked pot for about 20 years and it never made me do any other drugs. Alcohol made me sick and weed did not. Like bob said the American legal system is playing catch up. The only reason I stopped is I couldn't afford it.


Ooooo! What a ba-a-a-a-d girl! Except pot is the biggest cash crop in Hawaii and sold openly on the streets and probably more than 50% of the population smokes it. She's kickin' back in Hawaii after a lot of work in the last few years and just winning an Oscar. Give the girl a break! This is hardly news and shouldn't diminish anyone's opinion of her. Grow up, America!


I've been a fan of Jennifer Lawrence for awhile and this saddens me. She *was* such a good role model for all the young girls out there who are used to seeing rail thin actresses and models and being told that was normal and if they didn't look that way it somehow meant they were less of a person. I wish the best to Ms. Lawrence on her future endeavors but my fanship ends here.

@ Dan

Hate to break it to you but smoking the ganja is normal. The American legal system is working catching up.


And it starts with herb and need I say more!


She does look more innocent with blonde hair. ;)


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