Jennifer Lawrence: Smoking Pot in Hawaii?!

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Guess now we know the real reason Katniss was so hungry.

Jennifer Lawrence, smoking pot? We weren't there, so we can't say for sure, but one can assume that's what she's doing based on this photo. Check it out!

Jennifer Lawrence Smoking Pot

Earlier, we posted a gallery of Jennifer Lawrence no makeup shots, showing the Best Actress Oscar winner kicking back with a friend and some wine.

And apparently some herb!

After the telecast, Lawrence dyed her hair brown and flew to Hawaii to resume production on Catching Fire, the much-anticipated Hunger Games sequel.

The star said Sunday that she would have downtime in the Aloha State, however, and these photos taken on her hotel balcony certainly attest to that.

J-Law can be seen drinking red wine, hugging a friend, talking on the phone, laughing, and passing a rolled-up cigarette that is most likely a joint.

Not that we care, we're just looking at the picture. Hey, it's Hawaii and she just went through two months of award shows, interviews and epic falls.

Girl's gotta kick back sometime, right?


So Let Me Get This Straight She Wins A Oscar And Is Hollywood's New It Girl And She Pulls This Crap? Wow! She Should Get Another Oscar o_o NOT!! What She Really Deserves Is A Good Ass Kicking From Her Mamma>o<


Well I'm not gona jump to ne conclusions but and IF it really is a joint Id not hold it against her or ne1else...unless of course they ddnt share.


That's def a doobie and Im sad I am not there smoking with themmm. kudos.


so what if she is smoking weed. thats a plus in my books. she is smart,hard working,good hearted,beautiful,sexxy,funny, great actress,and she smokes weed it doesnt get any better than that she is perfect.she is now the coolest young woman in hoolywood.praise the lord he finally made the perfect woman.


Love Jen but she sure gets a pass where Kristen gets crucified: smoking pot (a druggie), giving the finger (no class), looking disheveled (smelly skunk), being affectionate with a girl (gay?), inappropriate in interviews (awkward and inarticulate). Wonder why that is? Oh yeah. Cause Lawrence hasn't got the man so many covet sharing her bed. Most of Stewart's troubles stem from the man who loves her. Even the "scandal". If Kristen has still been with Michael or any man that so many women didn't want for themselves, no one would have given two sh*ts if she'd been caught kissing another guy. This fandom is a microcosim of stereotypical jealous female behavior: women ganging up on the one selected by the prize bull. It's so freaking embarrassing.

@ Barbara Brant

Agreed Barbara!!! Leave Kristen alone! and for that matter leave Jen alone Shauna below is correct!


Might I say that you idiots clearly take the whole 'free speech' thing to new levels. I just did a report on this in English class. In NONE of those pictures, or even in this stupid report does it say or SHOW weed even being present. Why must you constantly try to give people a bad name and accuse them for doing something in an 'article' that clearly isn't true? You ASSUME that just because she has a lighter in her hand, it means she's smoking weed? Oh dear, there's such things as CIGARETTES and a LOT of people in the whole word smoke them. I LOVE Jennifer and don't take her as the 'druggie' type. I say media's free speech should be ripped from under them. Maybe there will be some truth set back in the world. Anything for a pretty penny, though. Who wouldn't LOVE to get paid for lies and assumptions? Exactly.


SOoo..Jennifer is smoking pot....along with 50 million other people...the only thing I'm upset about is that I'm not on the balcony with her.


Jennifer Lawrence----------------------------there goes that word again...............ASSUME


How else to you think young Hollywood parties and stays thin? Smoking pot has lost its mystique these days.


OK, here we go again. The author doesn't know for sure it was pot but let's just assume. You know what they say about assuming....and why is there no huge outcry if it is pot like there would be if this was Kristen Stewart? Remember her "pot" pictures from a few years ago? She was crucified!


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