Jacoby Jones to Go Dancing With the Stars

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Be afraid, Sean Lowe. Be very afraid.

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones danced his way to the Super Bowl XLVII title this month. Now he'll be going Dancing With the Stars on ABC!

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Jones will be on the 16th season of the ABC dancing competition, which announced his casting. The rest of the cast will be unveiled Tuesday on GMA.

The show returns March 18, a week after The Bachelor finale (follow this link for The Bachelor spoilers) starring Lowe, who's also rumored to be joining DWTS.

Jones, 28, scored two amazing TDs in the Super Bowl. Now he's ready to add the Mirror Ball to his trophy case a la Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward.

Sounds like he's up for the challenge, too.

Asked on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this month if he wanted to be on the new season's cast, Jones said, "Oh yes sir ... I'll get it done. I'll get it done, baby."

Aly Raisman, you are on notice.


sharly is shaking me apart. she lets my body move to thebeat


jessica is so asome with her dance moves.They make me shine so bright, sometimes i do the salsa with her. she is the best dancer i ever saw. so plese take this note from connie. LOVE YOU,347


Hmm do we really need another black,tatted-up loser like this dancing w/ an attractive white girl dancer on national tv? Mr jones im sure will be able to pull in the over 150lb-200lb white female demographic,those fat chicks like em sum dem thugs.ABC will have a black bachelor and a bunch of white girls competing for him ,,,,even a gay bachelor too before its over.Socirty is going to hell in a hand basket.


it's pretty identical to the Superbowl?
but there isn't a ball.

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