Heather Milligan: Dating Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has been spotted with a girlfriend in recent days, and Heather Milligan, 38, fittingly shares his dedication to staying in shape.

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The Southern California physical therapist works with NFL athletes, as well as the ex-California governor, 65, who she's been spotted with around L.A.

The Daily News reports that on Tuesday of this week, Heather Milligan deleted a "Happy Birthday" Tweet to Schwarzenegger that she posted last July.

"Happy Birthday to @Schwarzenegger !!" she tweeted then. "Headed to the gym to shock the system and get more than 1% in... Thanks for inspiring so many."

Why she deleted that eight months later is peculiar, but it implies they're dating and want to keep it as low profile as anything involving Arnold can be.

Schwarzenegger and his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver, split in 2011 following a revelation that he fathered a child with a housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena.

The action star acknowledged that he had "inflicted tremendous pain on Maria and unbelievable pain" on their four children, and openly said he still loves her.

Apparently his efforts to win her back didn't take, as he's been seen with Heather Milligan a few times over the past week. She has not returned calls.

"She's not going to make herself available," a receptionist at her physical therapy practice in Westchester, Calif., said. "She's not going to talk."

Keep your eye on this new couple!


don't know her, but obviously she needssome publicity. he is an a-hole and he is gross. what a couple of jerks.


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This Heather Milligan chick needs to RUN FOR HER LIFE!!!!! Arnold is nothing but a disgusting serial cheater. This so-called relationship will run it's course soon enough..........


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More proof that women are whores for celebrity, money & power.


WTF does she see in him? He is disgusting!!!!!


I think that it is good and healthy for him to move on with another woman. He has caused so much pain to his former wife and kids. Hopefully, they can forgive him sooner or later.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is always trying to be the Terminator. Sit your old a$$ down!!


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