Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke: Spotted with Justin Bieber!

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Her name is a mouthful, but the real question is this:

Is Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke been getting a mouthful of Justin Bieber?!?

  • Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke Picture
  • Justin Bieber with Security

The singer was spotted at the pop star's side Wednesday night at a Brit Awards after party hosted by Justin Timberlake.

We know she's friends with Florido Basallo, the stylist currently on tour with Justin and… well, that's all we know.

But that's all it takes to get the blogosphere buzzing, of course, a single sighting.

And single is exactly what Bieber is following his split from Selena Gomez. We'll keep fans apprised of the status of this relationship as information becomes available.

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He still has the body of a 10-year old. Yuck!!! Buff up Bieber, so you look like a man.


I did not know who she was anyway.


I'm done now. :) This was just too easy pf a target tp pass up on a boring night! Lmmfao

@ tripps

Dis bitch betta stay the fuck away

@ gabby

....or What? lmmfao


Why doesn't the Bleeber like white girls? Seems all the. black guys do as soon as they rich and famous.


Her name is probably actually even longer than what's been mentioned in this article. The reason for sich a long name is because her mom had been doing so many different guys at the time she was conceived that she didn't know which was the real father. So she gave the kid ALL their names in hopes it wasn't those other guys that she'd forgotten their names. Maybe mom got it right ..and maybe she didn't!


I guess the real news here is white gay guys dating black chicks to even the hype about white girls dating black sports stars? Again...who cares?


You will keep fans appraised? Please don't! Make them suffer! I'm sure it'll only take them about ten seconds to get over it. Nobody cares.


Roberts-Clarke?! WHat kinda sir name is this?