David Lucado: Britney Spears' New Boyfriend Revealed!

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Britney Spears' new mystery boyfriend David has been revealed:

He's David Lucado, and he looks nothing like someone who you would expect to date the a superstar ... then again Britney is not always conventional, is she?

David Lucado Picture
Spears Smiles?

Originally from Appomattox, Va., he was a great student and avid golfer. He moved to Atlanta after high school, then later to L.A. because of a girl. Gasp.

That relationship ended a few months ago, though, so David's totally single. Or was, before he started maybe kind of totally dating Britney Spears this winter.

According to those who know him, David is a well-liked, all-around, fun-loving guy ... a good catch for most people, to be sure. But ... it's Britney Spears!

This isn't to say he's not in her league, just that he's the opposite of Hollywood. Humble, soft-spoken, down-to-earth. Maybe that's just what she needs now.

Despite spending a lot of time together lately, David insists he and Brit are still just friends. Their romantic Valentine's Day dinner says otherwise.

HE PAID, people. David Lucado paid.

David Lucado Photo
David Lucado Pic

We wish the couple the best, obviously, and want Britney to be happy and content above all else. Congrats Dave, and good luck. You're going to need it!


I wonder what his ex (that he moved to L.A. for) thinks about being replaced with Brit Brit...lol. That has to sting...just a little...lol


went to highschool with david! super nice kid!! he wuld be good for britney! He is one of he nicest guys ever! 1`

@ Kristen

Hey Kristen! You went to school with David? Could you please contact me? My twitter handle is @GotchaGirlLA
Thanks! Abby


Rule One in dating should be: Never go to bed with anyone crazier than yourself. In Britney's case that makes almost everyone pn the planet a potential bf. Well, maybe not the Muslims. Anyone willing to strap a bomb on their ass and go blow up a bunch of people that never did shyt to em in the name of allah and that murdering pedo Mohammed is probably too much, but then Britney is only slightly above that level herself. Yea dude. You're gona need lots of luck. Don't make her mad n then go to sleep. Remember Lorena Bobbitt and wear a condom. Might help to pray too.

@ tripps

Why would you conpare Britney Spears to a Muslims? You are a sick person!


If being sick is what I am I'll gladly rather be sick than blind or uneducated. Blindness isn't curable. People at your age who have remained uneducated are so because of laziness or ineptitude and also incurable. If stating a relevant comparison is sickness then I guess rational thought needs a cure too.

@ tripps

Shut up you loser, get ur facts right. You can't compare britney with the Muslims, britney got messed up after the break up with Justin timberlake. And not all Muslims are bad, everyone are different individually. The Muslims never shot those kids in connecticut, it was by a white American man, so no one is perfect in this world. So stop judging other innocent people.

@ Xena

You must be blinded by time and a lack of common sense. Have you forgotten how extremely radical Britney's mental breakdown was and how she became so self-destructive after that breakup and that it was tje subject of ridicule in the tabloids for years after? Britney Speers is a mental case and people don't just get cured from things like that. Any more than these muslim extremists whose indoctrination began at birth, Britney was mentally indoctrinated from the days of her Mousketeers days to believe things about herself and her future and lets just call it her Hollywood experience that led her on the path she fell into. When you believe that your that much bigger than reality and your life's a fantasy such breakups destroy your self-image. The lingering effects of any mental destruction are incurable. She's a nut job and always will be...just like those Muslims.


He is a distant cousin of mine and a good country boy. I haven't seen him since he lived next door to me, which was a few years ago. (Good luck, Dave!)

@ Helen

Hi Helen,
Have you contacted David recently? Would love to talk to you. My twitter handle is @GotchaGirlLA.


Congratulations Brittney I hope he makes you happy and the two of you have a long happy life together. You so deserve it. BTW you're going to be missed on the XFactor.


You mean to say that when superstars want to date someone they first interview them to deside if she or he fullfill someones expectations (like fortune etc) although i am not a fan ... way to go girl "..we found love in a hopeless place ..."


Safe to say that David likes faceless blondes...faceless except for one.

@ Carolyn

Britney's face is really the only one that matters. ;-)

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