Chace Crawford on Fifty Shades of Grey: Sign Me Up!

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Chace Crawford would relish the role of Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey, and given his track record on Gossip Girl, he may have the chops to pull it off.

Guy knows a thing or two between the sheets is what we're saying.

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The former Gossip Girl star tells Fox 411 that he'd love the role:

“I would love the challenge ... I know that it is risque, and to be honest, anything to shake up from the way I have been going would be good,” he said.

“Hey, if they ask me to come and read, I would definitely do so."

Risque is putting it mildly, but that's alright by Crawford.

“I am only comfortable with S&M sex scenes!" he joked.

"The other ones are just too simple and boring for me ... I actually think, whether it is a sex scene, or screaming at something to get something across, I think it is kind of attacked the same way, and you’re in the work mode, and you stay professional. It has never been awkward or intimidating to me.”


Who would you like to see in the sexy roles of Christian and Ana in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? Would Chace be a good fit? Tell us below!


matt bomer definatly


matt bomer is the best

Jasmine stanford

He's hot but i dont think he would be a fit for Christain Grey(grey eyes).I totatly agree that Ian should play as Mr.Grey.


He's hot but i dont think he would fit the part of being Christian Grey.I totatly agree that Ian would be a goo


Ian Somerhalder!!! He's SO perfect for Christian Grey!!! He is Hot, Sexy, great Bad boy but also can steal your heart...absolutely perfect!!!
I'm not sure who should play Ana, someone with an innocence about her with "blue eyes that are too big for her face" as the book describes her!


He's perfect for the role. :3


Heck no. Henry Cavill is the one :)


GOD NO!!!!! Ian Somerhalder for the way!!!!!! Dont realli care who plays Ana


Please no! absolutely not!!!


nooooooooooooooooo! It has to be Ian Somerhalder!!!!

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