Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter: Who Should Win The Bachelor?

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With The Bachelor season finale set for Monday, March 11 (the Women Tell All special is next week), it all comes down to Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter.

Who will take home Sean Lowe's final rose? The Bachelor spoilers shed some light on that if you want to know. If you don't, well, it's still anyone's guess.

Bachelor Final 2

Those two beautiful young women are the last two standing after AshLee Frazier was sent home Monday in perhaps the most shocking elimination yet.

The Women Tell All show basically exists to rehash OMG moments like that, and for insane contestants like Tierra LiCausi to sit in the hot seat.

But really, what we all want to know is who will win, Lindsay or Catherine. Based on Sean's connection with both - and fan reactions - it's very hard to say.

Will Yenter, a 24-year-old substitute teacher and Army brat, re-use her wedding dress from night one? After the past two weeks, she clearly has a shot.

Or will Giudici, a 26-year-old Amazon graphic designer, win out on chemistry and receive Sean's proposal after forging such a bond with him all year?

From what we hear, both Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici attend the final rose ceremony. One is proposed to, one is dumped. Standard Bachelor.

But what is up with the letter Sean gets in the finale promo? Is it from one of the girls? Or AshLee? Sean's mom? We welcome your theories on that.

Most importantly, though, who do you think should receive his final rose? Share your comments below and vote in THG's Bachelor finale poll:


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Geez, in that pic they look like the same girl with different hairstyles. Who cares, its all fake anyways.Phony marriage if it even takes place. But dumb housewives never learn,


Neither one is "right" for him. It is probably Catherine and I cannot see this turning into a marriage. She is so immature.


Not a fan of either women. Didn't think any of the women that came on this season were a good fit for Sean with the exception of Desire. Ashly was an emotional reck and Catherine is frankly too immature. My predication the engagement with Catherine will be off in 6 months and Sean will find his true love the old fashion way.


no doubt: lindsay yenter, folks.
she is ready for the things like marriage, kids and the everything what comes with the job.
Catherine is much too young and so not ready for all these things I named.

@ abe

Catherine is older and more mature then the baby talking yenter

@ abe

Well your dumb cause she doesn't win. Sucks to suck fuck head