Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter: Who Should Win The Bachelor?

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With The Bachelor season finale set for Monday, March 11 (the Women Tell All special is next week), it all comes down to Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter.

Who will take home Sean Lowe's final rose? The Bachelor spoilers shed some light on that if you want to know. If you don't, well, it's still anyone's guess.

Bachelor Final 2

Those two beautiful young women are the last two standing after AshLee Frazier was sent home Monday in perhaps the most shocking elimination yet.

The Women Tell All show basically exists to rehash OMG moments like that, and for insane contestants like Tierra LiCausi to sit in the hot seat.

But really, what we all want to know is who will win, Lindsay or Catherine. Based on Sean's connection with both - and fan reactions - it's very hard to say.

Will Yenter, a 24-year-old substitute teacher and Army brat, re-use her wedding dress from night one? After the past two weeks, she clearly has a shot.

Or will Giudici, a 26-year-old Amazon graphic designer, win out on chemistry and receive Sean's proposal after forging such a bond with him all year?

From what we hear, both Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici attend the final rose ceremony. One is proposed to, one is dumped. Standard Bachelor.

But what is up with the letter Sean gets in the finale promo? Is it from one of the girls? Or AshLee? Sean's mom? We welcome your theories on that.

Most importantly, though, who do you think should receive his final rose? Share your comments below and vote in THG's Bachelor finale poll:


I shared the same ethnicity with Catherine. Also, she shared the same nickname with my daughter. Sean exudes qualities similar to my Caucasian hubby. Interracial marriage can work as it does ours for 30 something years. It's just like eating soup with a fork,
we can't get enough from each other. If he chooses Catherine, best wishes to both of them. They're welcome to check with us for few tips..

Amanda faith

Catherine is a college graduate with a Bachelor of Science major in Advertising from University of Washington and works for Amazon. She is smart and not immature. She joined this reality show fto enjoy what it can bring and without expectations. She did not expect Sean to love her, if chosen? She is just an honest, loving and down to earth young woman. No matter who Sean chooses it is really nobody's business. Who are we to judge any of them? They are human beings just like us.The bottom line is who makes Sean happy. It takes hard work, trust, respect and TOTAL COMMITMENT for a loving relationship to work. So whoever he chooses let us just wish them both happiness. Let them live their lives to the fullest.


Catherine wins in the's already out guys...


Sean and Catherine's relationship has more depth and their love is really showing through body language. Lindsay will find the right guy for her, she's still young.


you guys are serious! losers...LIKE IF YOU DONT WANT ANY OR THEM TO WIN THAN TAKE UR JELOUS ASS AND X OUT OF THIS PAGE AND DONT COMMENT! ok both gurls are ok but i personally luv catherine specically for her personaility, ok u cnt find a gurl who is out going and not so insecure and jus lives life psh!


Catherine for the win. She's a happy spirit, loving & lovable, passionate, intelligent w/ a great sense of humor, driven & family oriented.Her journey w/ Sean is realistic, spontaneous & unrehearsed. What you see is what you get , that"s her, no false pretenses whatsoever..And she is damned smart!


i wud want Lindsay to win!..cause I feel she's younger,a lot more beautiful and sweet looking! THATS IN MY OPINION!....again in MY opinion Catherine and Sean wudnt look nice as couple even if Catherine won!...sry Catherine!...


........... .........EVERY GIRL THAT GOT SENT HOME EARLY! PMMFG! If this guy was such a great catch then why is he having to go on national television to find a mate? Wasn't the internet chatroom and dating tacky enough? Oh yea...I forgot. You don't get paid tens of thousands of dollars to find internet love. There's also no prewritten script that lets gim know who is the winners all along. Reality TV is anything but real.


For what its worth. The only previous time i saw what i felt was a genuine connection was Jason and Molly. (The first season i watched) This time around i feel the same way about Catherine and Sean. He appears just as taken with Catherine, as jason was with Molly.


I don't see either one of these woman with Sean. I already know who he picks from the spoiler, & honestly I CANNOT see Sean with her. She acts like she's 10 years old. Actually both of these girls are very very immature. This engagement WON'T LAST> I give it a month tops.

@ janet

I agree- BOTH are immature. Sean will have trouble spiritually more with Catherine - Fillipino- Catholic religion, not at all how he was brought up.She is giddy & a ditherball, lacks focus in life.

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