Bruno Mars Concert Ticket Giveaway: Caption Contest Style!

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Attention, Bruno Mars fans: Want to win a pair of tickets to an upcoming concert?

THG is teaming with AEG Live to offer two (2) lucky readers the chance to win two (2) tickets each to a Bruno Mars tour date.

BM Pic

Lindsey: Bruno, can you loan me a couple bucks after the show?

Bruno: Sorry, babe, I'm a little short.

The contest is free, fast and easy. Simply follow these steps to be win:

  1. Log-in or register for The Hollywood Gossip. Only registered users are eligible to win.
  2. Submit your funniest/wittiest/most creative caption(s) for the Bruno Mars photo above in the Comments section below.

That's it!

THG editors will select the entries that make us laugh the hardest and announce the winning individuals - who will then have a choice of which tour stops they wish to attend - on Monday, March 4.

Neither THG nor AEG Live is responsible for travel or any expenses related to the trip.

Scroll down for a list of the concert dates/cities from which the winners will select - and best of luck to all!

  • Wednesday, July 10: Columbus, OH
  • Sunday, July 21: Seattle, WA
  • Monday, July 22: Portland, OR
  • Saturday, July 27: Los Angeles, CA
  • Tuesday, July 30: San Diego, CA
  • Friday, August 2: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Saturday, August 3: Las Vegas, NVD
  • Monday, August 5: Denver, CO
  • Thursday, August 8: St. Louis, MO
  • Friday, Ausut 9: Kansas City, MO
  • Sunday, August 18: Louisville, KY
Mars tour pic

UPDATE: We have a winner! Check out the submission above and thank you to everyone who sent in an entry!


Bruno: My mate David lost his ID last night.
Lindsay: Oh really? What happened?
Bruno: Now he's only Dave.


Lindsay: So today I realized why you were locked out of heaven.
Bruno: Why?
Lindsay You were too short to reach the doorknob.


Bruno: I'll catch a grenade for yaa ..
Lindsey: Follow me then, we just got attacked by Iran !
Bruno: But today I dont feel like doing anything .. la la la la


I think it's great that you are giving us a chance to win ticket t your concert I hope I win so I can bless a dear friend with the tickets because you are a great performer and we all are big fans of you & your music but I'm such a big hearted person that I would give the tickets to my friend who is crazy about you & would love to see you in concert so help me make her dreams come true & let me win these tickets for her thank you.....


lindsey:bruno these underwear are giving me a weggie and are up my behind

Jaimie taylor

Bruno: Lindsey! I ran away with the rest of your clothes and I did it for fun! Lindsey: Bruno if you see him tell him I'm comin and he better run!

Erin franklin

Bruno: hey lindsey do you know what peripheral vision is?
Lindsey: isnt it your sight from the corner of your eye
Bruno: yep and im using it right now


Lindsey: Tell me a secret?
Bruno: I would but I can't reach your ear.


Lindsey: What is this Hawaiian singing midget doing next to me? Bruno: it's not my fault I'm fun sized


I would really like to win them for me and my big sister we really love Bruno mars and I want to win them for her birthday

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