Brandi Glanville: Book "Not Intended" to Hurt LeAnn Rimes or Eddie Cibrian

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Brandi Glanville is responding to criticism from ex-husband Eddie Cibrian about her new book, claiming its purpose is not to hurt Eddie or LeAnn Rimes.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star denies that Drinking & Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders is intentionally harmful to her ex and their sons.

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"My book is not intended to hurt my ex husband or his wife," Brandi Glanville said. "It's not an autobiography. It is my take on getting through break ups and divorce."

"I don't know if I do everything that's appropriate, but most of the book is quite funny ... there are parts of the book where I do reflect on my personal life."

"Quite frankly those parts of the book are still difficult for me to read today," she adds of her marriage to Cibrian, which she refers to in the book.

"Luckily I am in a position now, where I have a way to share those experiences with my supporters, and with women all over the world who have been cheated on."

"I think people will be able to find words of wisdom in it, all while reading some of my most embarrassing moments, and some of my 'aha' moments as well."

"That is what life is all about, making mistakes, learning from them, having bad times, great times. I have been through it all, and the book is meant to be uplifting and humorous."

Eddie Cibrian sees it a little differently.

"I certainly wish I handled some of the choices I made four years ago differently, but I have been conscious of the choices I have made since," he told Today in a statement.

"Although this exploitive book, intended to hurt LeAnn and me, will ultimately only hurt and scar my kids. That deeply saddens and concerns me."

You buying Brandi's explanation?


Brandi doesn't need to concern herself with her ex ...because *Karma* will deal with both Eddie & Leeann.


I find it interesting that Brandi is supposed to keep her mouth shut yet the skank that treated her marriage and family as if they were just collateral damage as a result of her affair is entitled to be on magazine covers and sit down for interviews discussing what she had done, actually trying to get some type of sympathy from the public? This was loooooong before Brandi released this book and prior to her landing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gig. I think that Eddie and LeaAnn are getting exactly what they deserve- it's called karma!


She may think that the book is funny, but that doesn't mean that everyone else is going to think that it is. God bless you always!!! Holly in East Tennessee

@ Holly

stfu holly, you are on everysite
get over it, it's what happened.
they had an affair end of.
in God's words, sin.
god bless.

@ jessie

Jessie, if you do not like that I have the right to speak my mind where ever I want to online just like everyone else does, that is your problem and no one else's. Oh and if you don't like that the Lord forgives those who ask him to, you will have to take that up with him, unless you would like his forgiveness too whenever you ask him for it. (smiles). God bless you and LeAnn always!!! Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her) P.S. Oh and if you are going to swear at me, then I am most definitely not going to do what you ask of me.

@ Holly

Holly -good for you that you have been a fan since day 1 of the adulteress & home wrecker. I personally find ANY woman who BRAGS over being a bonus mom plus flaunting her adultery to be DISGUSTING! Leann has virtually p*ssed away her career. She is now on the low budget concert tour (Aka Wendover, Nevada anyone?). When was the last time she had a big, true hit? Now she is married to a pig who routinely had affairs on his model wife. Leann had better be paranoid. One look at that face/body vs. Brandi Glanville and we all know why Cibrian is with her =$$$$ hard, cold ca$h, pure and simple. She ain't no beauty and is clearly nuttier than a fruitcake. I find Brandi to be funny, self depricating and gorgeous. Her career and life are actually on the upswing. Her biggest plus....losing that douchebag hubby to ole horsemug.

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