Bobby Brown: Sentenced to Prison for Third DUI Arrest

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The third time was anything but the charm for Bobby Brown on Tuesday afternoon.

A judge sentenced this singer to 55 days in jail today following his latest DUI arrest.

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The sentence stems from when police pulled Bobby Brown over in October and smelled alcohol on his breath after he had been driving all over the place.

He was charged with drunk driving and driving with a suspended license.

A few hours ago in court, the artist pleaded no contest and was sentenced to the aforementioned jail time, along with four years probation.

The former husband of Whitney Houston also must attend 3 AA meetings per week until turning himself in on Wednesday, March 20.

Brown was also arrested for DUI in early 2012 and 1996.

He's clearly an idiot.


55 days aint no jail time slap on the wrist! DUI is dangerous for all parties involved. They should've banked his dopefiend ass!


Wow! What an amazing person he is....
This guy is such a loser....but his fans love him...shows you what kind of world we live in....


He won't/isn't going to change. You can give that idea up. Alcoholism isn't something that changes. Once addicted your stuck. Jail time isn't going to do anything but keep him from killing someone else. It won't cure him. But that's what prison is for. Fortunately we can't be convicted of crimes we haven't done yet so we can't insist on a life sentence yet. Unfortunately the chances are that he will kill someone else eventually. If it were one time I'd say a slap on the wrist was sufficient but he has shown a propensity to continue this behavior which considering he should always have money enough for a taxi to get home and does this anyhow shows me he isn't going to quit driving while intoxicated. It's hopeless. His punishment certainly doesn't fit the crime and had it been any average person they'd be looking at up to FIVE years at this point. This truly sux and totally fuels my hatred if these Hollywood types.


Does he have to kill an innocent person before he gets more time in jail. These celebrities think they are above the law.


So Bobby brown gets sixtyfive days after 3 duis and Lindsay Lohan has had just as many and gets a slap on the wrist.

@ lguadiana

Scream racism!!!!!


The death of his ex-wife Whitney, his current marriage, and his estranged relationship with his daughter Kristina have not changed his behavior. Someone like him needs to stay in jail for some time. If he keeps acting the way he does, he may end up dead sooner than later.

@ Ernest

At the rate he's going, I'm surprised he didn't die a long time ago! I come from a dysfunctional family fueled by substance abuse. That's why I stayed away from that kind of stuff myself. But I bet he's just self medicating to work through the pain of losing Whitney as well as his strained relationship with daughter Bobbi Kristina. I bet he's got a mugshot for every day in the calendar! Its just sad really.


I hope he learns his lesson but i know people that still gets off after 3 dui s . Maybe he will seek the help he needs. This just might save his life or someone else's.


Wow, why don't you tell us how you really feel! LOL


read my lips: DON'T DRINK & DRIVE!!
(how many times more?)


How disgusting. What an insult, I take this lack of punishment very personally, my brother was killed because of a loser who had a liquid lunch and then drove. These lowlife scumbags keep driving drunk because they get a slap on the wrist. Bobby Brown 55-day Jail Sentence for Third DUI, Arrested Photos here

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