Beyonce Halftime Show Performance: Grade It!

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So... how did she do?

Following her controversial Inaugural performance of the national anthem, we can finally move past Beyonce Lip Sync Gate - and focus instead on the superstar's performance at today's Super Bowl XLVII halftime show.

It followed the Alicia Keys national anthem rendition and featured black leather and lace... a fiery guitar... some serious dance moves... renditions of "Crazy in Love," "End of Love" and, of course, a Destiny's Child reunion!


Grade the Beyonce halftime show performance now:


I think she could of sang more I felt like the background music was singing more than she was and to much dancing less singing


Terrible show, worst ever!

@ Fan of Football

i agree it was bad. Too sloppy, all dark outfits, too much fire and smoke. I think as a pop star Madonna delivered. In 13 minutes she gave us gladiators, cheerleaders, marching bands, acrobats and gospel singers, LMFAO, Nicki and MIA


just ok...............NOTHING MORE.


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