Beyonce Halftime Show Performance: Grade It!

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So... how did she do?

Following her controversial Inaugural performance of the national anthem, we can finally move past Beyonce Lip Sync Gate - and focus instead on the superstar's performance at today's Super Bowl XLVII halftime show.

It followed the Alicia Keys national anthem rendition and featured black leather and lace... a fiery guitar... some serious dance moves... renditions of "Crazy in Love," "End of Love" and, of course, a Destiny's Child reunion!


Grade the Beyonce halftime show performance now:


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Cheap, cheesy rubbish. Beyonce plays to the lowest life-forms in a landfill society.


The worst halftime show of the century! Why did she need all those distracting 'dancers'?? Maybe she thought that viwers would be watching the 'dancers' instead of her obvious lip synching. Bottom line.....nothing more then run of the mill 21st century pop fluff. I'll bet that they sold a lot of hot dogs and beer at halftime!


Beyonce and her husband are powerhouses, so not too many people are going to say anything negative about them But, If "I" am being honest here, I have to say this performance was just a repeat of her many concert shows and not at all what the hype suggested it was going to be. I couldn't make out the words, the strutting was ridiculous and Destiny's Child's time on stage was so short you would have missed it had you blinked. All in all, it was OK but nothing to write home about. She definetely needs new material.


Horrible half-time show. Beyonce is ridiculous. She doesn't really do songs. She chants and shakes her ass, and that's about it. In my opinion, it was the worst half-time show ever.


I was amazed. I couldn't believe my eyes. Somehow the half time show sucked worse than I ever seen it. I would classify it as an even lower class of performance than Rosanne's performance of the national anthem. People are wondering why the lights went off at the game; after that show you just turn off the lights and go home and hope for a better tomorrow.


First I wanted to say that I have nothing against Beyonce personally, she seems like a very nice & sweet person; however, that being said -- Beyonce's halftime show was awful, terrible, played-out, boring, you pick the adjective! Why is she still getting these big gigs!? Does it bother anyone else that she remains as popluar as she is when she's had (1) real hit her entire career & that was a DECADE ago in 2003... but not to worry, she made sure that we all had to hear (1) song "Crazy in Love" -- AGAIN. If you really actually listened & watched the halftime show, then you saw/heard she literally DIDN'T sing that much!!! Her vocals were real, & that's why they didn't sound that great. Unfortunately, ALL of today's "entertainers" rely WAY TOO MUCH (if not completely rely) on studio enhanced vocals which make there live performances sound like crap (hense the reason why so many lip sing live). I get it, I get it, you know how to where revealing clothes (which were stretched to their limit last night) & shake your butt around -- congratulations, you're so talented. In the end, it's not her fault. It's our society fault, as it continues to award people "celebrity" for having very little to absolutely NO talent whatsoever. When I think of how much the bar has been lowered in our society, it truly makes me sad :(


Alicia Keys rocked it today, but I'm confused with Beyonce As a master of delivering emotions where needed, vocally capable, and musically and instrumentally brilliant, Alicia rocked it today.... I believe no entertainer-artist-singer should be compared to another, as everyone tries to be unique in their own right. Entertainers-Artists-Singers, such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, and many others keep us guessing, provide catchy hits we can relate to and listen to for decades, sometimes they even challenge us with powerful messages delivered int the songs. They capitalize on what works for them by implementing the three categories; entertainment, artistry, and voice with a shock value and keeping us on the edge at times and guessing what may come next. Power house voices of such divas such as Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Adele, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, and even Toni Braxton deliverer unforgettable performances capitalizing on the best instrument one can ever possess, a unique and powerful voice. They don't need more to wow and win us over at least from time to time. As much as I don't like to compare, I am compelled to do so. Madonna on one hand has never been known for a great voice, but she did manage to win us over with her stellar performance in Evita. She worked hard and she earned it. Madonna also gave up on acting as all her movies with two exceptions were failures. However, Madonna to this point can entertain, shock, and wow us with her theatrical, full of energy performances, dance techniques, and flawless choreography. Beyonce tried to act and hopefully the acting is in the past. Jennifer Hudson did kill the movie with her performance, but it would be unfair to compare the two ladies. I'm more inclined to compare Beyonce to Madonna. Beyonce is a hard worker just like Madonna. However where Madonna succeeds, Beyonce fails. She often takes challenges she underperforms as acting or trying to sing songs, which are meant for the voices of Jennifer Hudson or Adele's. The only exception would be acting, both Madonna and Beyonce hopefully learned it is not for them. However, where Madonna entertained us with her performance during Halftime Show, Beyonce failed in singing, dancing, and dazzling. I am incredibly confused by Beyonce's performance during half-time show. The transitions from each song to another held and built an anticipation for something big and a wow factor, yet it never happened. The power-walking as she was on a modeling runway threw me off completely. What was the point? Unless you have a body like Rihanna, Madonna, Iman and many others, the skimpy outfits are inappropriate, especially during a show which should be family oriented. Even Madonna, who usually shocks with outfits on stage, had an appropriate outfit during last year's half-time performance. What happened to singing? Seemed as Beyonce was just posing, giving us looks with crazy looking eyes and shaking her ass like a stripper in a club. Also the two divas from Destiny's Child singing Beyonce's song seemed all wrong. As well the dance routine seemed strange, out of place, inappropriate. The difficult dance routines should be left to the late Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher, or Justin, they can dance and do it well. I think that the performance was a disappointment from every angle. I'm just wondering why we hold Beyonce on such pedestal? Or are we setting someone a little above average for failure by holding her to such hard and difficult to maintain standards?


Am I the only one or did anyone else think that Ms. B's dance routine and outfit was borderline R rated...
Just sayin' kids watch the game too....


I turned it down and watched NIN on youtube. Much better choice for football. Beyonce is not music just posing, and dancing and wearing outfits. and cheezy camera looks. stupid.


I was bored in the 1st 90 seconds. She's overrated and obviously believes it. She use to be adorable, now she is just arrogant and doesn't try very hard. Next!