Beyonce Halftime Show Performance: Grade It!

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So... how did she do?

Following her controversial Inaugural performance of the national anthem, we can finally move past Beyonce Lip Sync Gate - and focus instead on the superstar's performance at today's Super Bowl XLVII halftime show.

It followed the Alicia Keys national anthem rendition and featured black leather and lace... a fiery guitar... some serious dance moves... renditions of "Crazy in Love," "End of Love" and, of course, a Destiny's Child reunion!


Grade the Beyonce halftime show performance now:


I hate to say this, but I only gave her a "C". I really do think Beyonce is talented - but her halftime show just didn't impress me:( Maybe she was trying too hard to be sexy and just didn't pull it off with her dance moves...I don't know. She looked pretty, but I found her show to be rather boring. Even the stage setup and lighting was underwhelming. When she began flipping her hair all over the place, it reminded me of Willow Smith's music video "Whip My Hair".


I really could not hear Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams when they sang. But, I could hear Beyonce loud and clear. I gave the overall performance a B or 8/10.


Really wasn't impressed, maybe my interest in pop has dimenished, but I think it's mostly because I just didn't like her outfit, thought she looked a little sloppy and not as sexy as she use to be.


I loved her outfit. As for the actual show. I hate to answer this question because people say that I am hating on her. I think they only liked it though because they are huge Beyonce fans. I just like musicand it doesnt matter the singer if its good. Anyway, the show was very boring. I knew the the rest of Destinys Child would come on stage before the game even started. The dance moves were boring. Her still trying the sexy thing is boring. The only good part to me was the outfit. Im wearing something similar for Mardi Gras. Im not even playing.

@ OK I guess

Hey, I agree with you. You are not a hater. You are telling it like it is. Some of us are sick of Beyonce. I was not impressed. The power should have went out on her performance. Very BORING. I was glad to see Kelly and Michelle. She wasted no time getting them back off the spot light.


As big of a critic I am of Beyonce, I thought she did a good job. I gave her a B. It wasn't spectacular, but it was good.


I was in awe at the raw talent exuding from the stage...I mean all those instruments playing in complete unison, the amazing lyrics and stellar voice, wait...there was none of that. Some women on stage in Victoria Secret outfits lip singing and dry humping the air and flipping their hair at the camera....ahhh yes sheer genius and talent, I could almost swear I have seen it before. Costumes, weak lyrics, and lip singing is not TALENT, low grade entertainment at best. Why do people like this mindless talentless drivel?

@ Michael

They follow like sheep.

@ johnwayne1

Stupid sheep. Tone deaf, stupid sheep.


I have a few suggestions for next years halftime show. In keeping with this years joke halftime 'show':
Milli Vannili
Ashley Simpson
Vanilla Ice
Sanjaya Malabar


I thought for sure that Beyonce's halftime show would be a definite show stopper but it left me feeling like more of the same. Does she have anything new on the horizon? In terms of her dance routines and songs. Oh and before I forget, is it just me or did Beyonce hurry up and get the other members of destiny 's child off the stage so that she could high the spotlight for herself yet again!

@ Marianna

@janet...You couldn't be more right, I was expecting to see Beyonce to look to Jay-Z and have him yank them away with the big giant hook.


I guess I'm in the minority on this one. I happen to really enjoy Beyonce's show. I think she is mult-talented, & I loved the dancing, & It was great to see Destiny Child re-uniting. Loved the show.....


I do not remember her "singing", I remember her talking in a monotone, dead pan sort of thinking she was seducing someone with quick glances into the camera. I remember her asking the "fans" to hold hands towards her so that she could glean there energy. I remember now why it was so important for her to "sing" along with a prerecorded track of her voice after it was auto tuned in a recording studio. I wish she had used that same good advice last night, she needed that studio equipment desperately. If she looked like Susan Boyle, she'd have been booed off the stage just as Roseanne was when she sang. Yes, it was that bad.


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