AshLee Frazier Reaction to The Bachelor Elimination: Right or Wrong?

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Even though The Bachelor spoilers called it, no one saw that coming.

Needless to say, no one was as surprised, or as crushed, by AshLee Frazier's elimination on The Bachelor last night as the beautiful Texan herself.

Her reaction was unlike any we've seen before on the show.

AshLee Frazier’s death stare and jaded, near-silent exit polarized fans who saw her as a frontrunner all year - and even stunned her competition.

Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter looked at each other in shock as AshLee did not hug Sean, did not say goodbye, and did not accept his reasoning.

No tears, no hugs. Just sadness, and clearly some anger. What did you think of how she went out? True to a strong woman's nature? Or just rude and bitter?

It's TRIPLE poll time, THG readers and Bachelor fans!

Ash's reaction to getting sent home: Right or wrong?

Did Sean make the right decision eliminating her?

Who do you want to win The Bachelor now?


Sean is too immature for marriage...he chose to women that are not ready for marriage...don't they seem immature? Ashlee seemed more mature, grounded, sure of herself and Sean didn't give her a rose guessed...afraid of commitment. Instead he chose two flighty girls that are really not ready for marriage...sorry folks, another couple that won't last past 4th of July!

@ Kim

Totally agree...Ashlee was the the Sean of Emily's season...the only one who fit what they said they wanted...marriage and family. The little bit she did say said it all, she wasn't in it for the fun and games but for the commitment. Lindsay and Catherine are the Arie & Jef of Emily's season...flighty partiers. What a joke!


I think Desiree was the best choice for Sean out of all the women. These 3 just don't cut it for me. Lindsey & Catherine act like they are 12 years old, & the biggest shocker was the look of evil on the face of Ashlee. WOW she was SCARY. If I were a dude, I'd be scared of this one. Even Sean was nervous trying to explain his reasons for eliminating her. I feel that he will find someone on the outside of this show, like so many bachelors have in the past. This show has gotten to be such a joke. SO PREDICTABLE, & SO BORING> UGH.....

@ tiffany

Oh, I agree!!!!! From the very beginning of this season, Desiree was my total FAVORITE and the BEST one for Sean!!!!! And, I honestly thought that Sean was gonna choose Desiree in the end. Then, the Hometown Dates episode happened. And, from there, Nathan (Desiree's snot-nosed MORON brother) had to open his big, stupid and punk-ass mouth and ruin it all for Desiree. As for me, that chick had way too many issues. And, yes...BOTH Catherine and Lindsay act like 12 year olds (especially Catherine). The Bottom Line for me: Whoever Sean chooses in the end, it WON'T last past Spring 2013. PERIOD!!!!!!


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What an odd poll option. What is immature about not begging to stay on like Desiree or completing freaking out like other past contestants?

@ pye

I think the point is, she knew coming on the show what could happen, and then reacted very childish when it happened to HER.

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