Adam Lambert Covers Rihanna in Seoul

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During a concert in Seoul this week, Adam Lambert made like Rihanna.

No, the former American Idol runner-up didn't get beat up by Chris Brown and then return to his arms years later because he clearly has issues with self-confidence and self-esteem.

But he did cover the track "Stay," much like Vin Diesel randomly did last week as a Valentine's Day gift to his female fans.

Did Lambert at least outdo that action star? How does his version compare to Rihanna? Listen and react now:


Rihanna is very good but Adam's version of 'Stay' is incomparable.


And the Grammy for best live performance of Stay goes to ADAM LAMBERT--no one can compete (Rihanna-a close second)


Adam's is MUCH better!


Adams version of Stay was beyond heavenly!!! Love it!!


LOL - his version is better than the original!

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