Vampire Diaries Spinoff: Coming to The CW!

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The CW is reportedly spinning off The Vampire Diaries into a new series called The Originals, starring Joseph Morgan (Klaus) and Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley).

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An upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries, the network's biggest hit, will serve as a "backdoor pilot" for The Originals. Tentatively, that's set for April 25.

The title refers to Klaus’ status as one of the original vampires in the show’s mythology. Guy has been doing his badass, yet charming thing for a long time.

Also prominently featured will be werewolf Hayley, introduced in the current fourth season. She and Klaus return to the French Quarter of New Orleans.

There, in the city he helped build centuries earlier, Klaus will reportedly be reunited with a Marcel, a former protege. No other details are available.

Vampire Diaries show-runner Julie Plec will write and produce; no word on any involvement from Klaus' Original siblings Elijah, Kol or Rebekah.

Daniel Gillies and Claire Holt (Elijah and Rebekah) also recur on TVD.

What do you think? Good idea by the CW? Or would you miss them too much on the Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev-anchored hit?


Love the Originals. Hate Hayley! What a random and awful choice :( I hate the way she speaks. I also want Klaus and Caroline to have a chance!


It seems to be a little early for a spinoff, but I’m fine with it. I bet that my friends that work with me at DISH who watch are excited to see that much more of the Vampire Diaries franchise, too. Thursdays have been really busy for my family’s TV schedule, so I’m glad that we have a DISH Hopper that allows us to watch up to 4 programs at once; I know that none of us want to compromise when it comes to our TV lineups.


Happy that Joseph Morgans Supreme talent has been recognised but.. Hayley ? wtf ? If it was Caroline instead of Hayley? it would be brilliance. but separating Klaus & Caroline? they were the highlight of TVD!! And Hayley sucks!! If this is the end of Klaroline I'm gone. And if it turns out Klaus knew hayley before she came into TVD? That will ruin Klaus for me!! Im furious. Spitting mad. Julie Plec has done brilliantly so far, how can someone so brilliant make such a huge mistake!? Hoping there is a twist involved that we haven't heard yet because otherwise I think this is the crashing and burning of our beloved Vampire Diaries D: #devastated #spitting mad #having a tantrum -



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