The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The Donkey's Back End

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta learned the hard way how "The Donkey Kicks" when he doesn't have a contract Sunday night.

We recap how the donkey's nickel and dime one another in THG's +/- review.

Phaedra Does the Funky Donkey

So can Phaedra and Apollo really make this donkey booty video fly?  I'd be more confident if even they could get on the same page. Minus 12

Phaedra still says it's for beginners but Apollo shot down that idea once before.  

It's been weeks and they still haven't hammered out many details, between themselves or with Kenya.  But Kenya's the little producer who could and she's already gotten a distribution contract.  Plus 15.

Unfortunately no one wants to pay her for it.  I'm not Kenya's biggest fan but if she's not getting a fee on the front then I can't blame her for asking for a percentage on the back end.  

Not so fast. Ms. Phaedra's not willing to give up that 10%. And Kenya's right. If Phaedra's got something else in mind she needs to make a counter offer. Instead everyone is left in limbo. Minus 11.

If they are the incredible business women they all claim to be, then why is this deal causing such angst?

I love how Cynthia shut this whole thing down before it even started. Phaedra sends out some lame tweet about casting for her fitness video at the Bailey Agency and you can just hear Cynthia say, not so fast girl.  

Cynthia's not allowing her agency to get dragged into this without the money being hammered out up front so she cancels the casting call and puts Phaedra in her place. Plus 18.  

For an attorney, Phaedra doesn't seem to be communicating the details of this fitness video deal very well to any of her so called partners.  Something tells me that's going to come back to bite her soon.

Things are going much better for NeNe who is furnishing her home in the Hollywood HIlls. Plus 20. From exotic dancer to actress on a prime time sitcom, complete with our own trailer.  Nothing stops NeNe.

But she does need to slow down and let Gregg take the reins, at least at home. Let's see how the two of them handle the role reversal.

Back in Atlanta, Kandi throws Todd a 39th birthday bash complete with helicopter tour of the city and a surprise visit from his Momma.  Plus 13.

She even does one better when she shuts Kenya down for bringing up this ridiculous donkey booty video nonsense.  Why start trouble at Todd's birthday party?  Plus 10 to Kandi. She's having none of it.

One of the few signs we see of Porsha is her adoring husband bringing her breakfast in bed. Minus 14.  I've had enough of Porsha's perfect life. 

This donkey booty video controversy isn't about to end any time soon.  Kenya's $100,000 budget seems high for a fitness video and minus 9 for bragging about her $1000 shoes.  How on earth will she ever survive if she only gets to by the $500 pair? 

And did Andy say something in a promo about Kenya singing?  Minus 30.  The last thing anyone needs is yet another singing Housewife.



what's up with cynthia all of a sudden her and kenya best friends, she getting ready to flip on portia but i think little ms. porsh is going to let her have it. they need to realize portia is on the young side, you can't expect her to act like them


phaedra never said she was'nt going to pay kenya. its just not going to be 10% listen ladies and gents, het it right you don't go into buisness with family friends are people tha come off a little ....unbalanced


I recall an earlier show when Kenya suggested to Phaedra that maybe she should do a video. The idea was Kenya's from the beginning.


OMG!!! Where the hell did they find Kenya at and y is she even on the show. Something is seriously mentally wrong with her. If she only knew how stuip and wat an ass she sounds like and looks on TV. I don't like her at all. Wen a person is so simple like her it don't matter how pretty or cute u r that makes u ugly n the worst way. She is a hot mess smh.


Phaedra needs to fix that upper set of fish teeth. Veneers, girl!!! Go get them! Your body is too short on the upper portion, which leaves it at atomically incorrect!! A 'too short' upper body and that muffin top belly. Wear clothes that are not too tight-- otherwise your body appears midget-like at the top... Just all wrong! Get those teeth fixed !!


Cythina is being so two faced now. Kissing kenya ass, after she just went off on her


From what I've read, Phaedra never tried to make Kenya do anything for free. The distribution deal that Kenya is harping about was something she did without discussing anything with Phaedra and Apollo. It was a bad move for her to put that kind of unsolicited work in without a contract first. Second, Phaedra was always going to pay Kenya a flat fee for her work. The disagreement came when Kenya wanted 10% of the profits ON TOP OF the flat fee that she was going to be paid for producing the video. I'd have my lawyer look at things too, if I were Phaedra. What moron signs a contract about their business without having someone look at it first? I'm with Phaedra on this. She has a right to not agree to someone's terms if nothing's been signed yet. She also has a right to shop her idea around to many production companies to see who offers her the best deal. Potential authors do it all the time. They write a book and send it to 10+ publishers and wait to see who offers them a deal. If they're lucky enough to have more than one offer, they choose which deal fits them. It's business. Kenya's desperation to make money off of this idea (just like her desperation with her relationship with Walter) made her jump the gun and now she's crying about it.


I’m not quite sure who’s side I’m on regarding the whole exercise video debacle, between Phaedra and Kenya. I am however, happy to see NeNe settling in so nicely to her Hollywood home. This episode gave me and my DISH coworker a lot to talk about at work today so I’m glad I watched. I wasn’t home when it aired so I recorded it on my DISH Hopper. When I played it back I was cleaning my house but was able to start watching on my living room TV and then continued watching on my kitchen TV right where I left off. This made my housecleaning go by faster.


phaedra should stop being so called slick anyone can see that is'nt trying to pay her friends on the under iam sure they would not mind helping her but she should stop play Cynthia and Kenya for their kindness and pay up for using their time

@ gloria

I agree. I am a fashion designer for companies and I had people asking for my services. Use my designs and not pay for my services. This is wrong and there are a lot of thefts out there.

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