The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The Big Goodbye

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta are "Off the Hook" as one of them flies off to the West coast while another finally moves her love life forward…or is that back?

We break down the biggest, littlest, and cutest surprises in THG's +/- recap.

NeNe's GlamBaby

Looks like NeNe's got even more on her plate than we knew. Months earlier Ms. Leakes ran into her son's girlfriend, only to find her six months pregnant.

Somehow that slipped Bryson's mind when he spoke with his mama. Minus 20.

But the new baby is cause for joy and NeNe loves her adorable little grandbaby Bri'Asia. She and Cynthia take the little girl shopping because any grandbaby of NeNe's will be a Glambaby.

Plus 40. Little Bri certainly seems to enjoy all the attention.

Cynthia's shocked when NeNe says she encouraged Bryson to get a DNA test but I don't blame her.  Now that NeNe's got some money and a bit of fame, well you never know what people might do.  Plus 15 because now there's no doubt this glambaby is all hers.

With NeNe packing up to move to LA to start shooting The New Normal, Cynthia throws a going away cocktail party.  And while the ladies are sipping Champagne the men folk are doing tequila shooters in the next room.  

Everyone is on their best behavior but Kenya can't help her scowl when Porsha walks in and Porsha doesn't even want to look at Kenya. I guess this is being civil, Atlanta style.

Leave it to Kenya to push the edge by claiming that she's mistaken for Beyonce almost every day.  Minus 13.  Really?  And even if by some miracle that's true it sounds horribly egotistical.  

Kenya talks to Aunt Lori about Walter.  Lori loved Walter but Kenya shares a story.  On the island she was all soaped up in the shower when Walter jumps in with her, showers, and then jumps out and goes to sleep. 

Minus 18.  Um…yeah. That seems odd, especially while on a romantic vacation.  Needless to say, Walter and Kenya have issues. That's nothing we didn't already know.

But if Walter's not willing to man up, Kandi may have the answer…and it's battery powered.  Plus 22. Kandi comes to Kenya's rescue with a present from Bedroom Kandi. A high end vibrator.  Walter is easily replaced.

And Kandi looks too damn happy these days. No wonder she's running around handing out presents.  She, Riley, and Todd look blissfully domestic.  Plus 16. It is nice to see.

Kenya takes Walter fishing to talk…and she brings up the shower incident.  The conversation doesn't go well. 

For the first time, Kenya sounds rational.  She really wants to hash this out and as much as Walter says he does, he comes off as a guy who wants to break up but doesn't want to be the one to do it.  Minus 15. 

Walter's being such an ass that Kenya finally walks away.  Plus 13.  We can only hope that this is the last we see of Walter



first, I am very happy for Kandi and her family, i have loved her as a sister in her music career from the beginning with escape thank u Kandi for being a real strong black woman. Kenya u are the biggist Jack Ass I on the show and they need to cut u out if u have all the education and money go and get u a brain and sit down and use it towards something good, stop knocking heads with all the rest of the women, make this show something the other young black women will be proud to watch. But myself not being from the ATL will say is this what goes on in ATL all the time, stop ....Please stop embarassing your people. Cynthia I glad that u are doing something with your company but don't be the dog with the bone stop carrying the imformation on u say, I say on the kenya/ phedre drama after the last time with Nene and Kim I felt u would of leaned your lesson. Nene I'm glad to see u and greg back together hold up your family and now thatu have a new edition to the family being a grand ma is wonderful enjoy her,


kenya is crazy....i was really liking her until her and phadra bumpd heads and she came into shoe dazzle charity looking a hot mess she calld herself marking phadra...that made her luk even more crazy!! and she had a nerve 2 confide in lawrence who is a real drama queen, friends dont allow you 2 embarass urself
and trust he enjoyed ur embarssment...thats what he live for!!!!!!


I can’t believe Kenya and Walter. I’m glad she finally walked away; hopefully she stops bothering him and this madness ends once and for all. I think NeNe is hilarious with her new grandbaby and also thought it was cute that she wanted to get her all glammed up. The DNA test isn’t a bad idea either. I also appreciated Kandi and her happy family; I agree it’s nice to see for a change. This episode gave me and my DISH coworker a lot to talk about at work today so I’m glad I watched. I wasn’t home last night when it aired so I recorded it on my DISH Hopper. When I played this back I was cleaning my house but was able to start watching on my living room TV and then continued watching on my kitchen TV right where I left off. This made cleaning much more entertaining.


I started watching the housewives of Atlanta when I believe NeNe guest starred on The Apprentice. I must say that was a good entertaining season.


kenya cannot act and she is as dumb as a box or rocks. Get over yourself idiot!!!! Sorry that's how I feel!!

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[to Kenya Moore] You best hope nothing happens to me, because you might not have a job. I'm your storyline. I sustain your career . . . I built you, so stop playing games.

Apollo Nida

[to Kenya Moore] "You a sneaky, trifling slut."

Phaedra Parks