The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: She Might Be Cray-Cray ...

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta didn't have to work very hard to "Make an Ass out of a Donkey" since there seems to be enough of both to go around.

We break down all the jiggly booties and fishnet suits in this week's THG +/- review.

Phaedra's Workout

Oh, where to begin?

We'll start with our dueling booty videos.  On the one end you have Kenya who is working out with a trainer to get the product…and her booty just right.  Plus 15.

On the other end you've got Phaedra, who seems more interested in the cover art than the workout.  Between Ms. Parks' tongue hanging out and the way she was hanging all over Apollo I began to wonder if this was a fitness workout or a porn video? Minus 11.

And if Kenya was so sure she was in the right with her Stallion booty video, why was she trying to do damage control with Porsha of all people?

Even their insults were lame.  If ashy feet are the best you can come up with then just shut up and sit back down.  Minus 17.

Checking in with Cynthia I began to wonder if I'm the only one who thinks she gets a little less classy with every episode.

Apparently there wasn't enough money in modeling to keep the Bailey Agency going so she's jumping into pageants which she readily admits she knows very little about.  Minus 9.

Cynthia found herself a pageant expert who started talking about the fees she could charge the mothers of 13 year old girls. Entry fees, make up fees, photo fees. The list was almost endless and the charges rang up from $75 to up to $1,200.

You could just see the dollar signs sparkling in Cynthia's eyes.  And to ensure those dollars stay in her pocket she's asked Porsha to help.

Minus 20. What on earth was she thinking? Has Porsha shown a talent for anything but giggling and looking pretty?  It will be such a shock when this partnership falls apart at the seams…not!

But Cynthia showed her true self when she started bashing Phaedra, her supposed friend.  Minus 18. Yes, they've had their issues but Cynthia seemed to take great pleasure in running to Kenya and stirring that pot.  

When did NeNe become the classiest Housewife on this show? She's got an acting coach and a charity shoe event. No one can say she's not making it happen. Plus 30.

Then Kenya took the charity event on a turn into the bizarre.  

After Phaedra wore that fishnet bathing suit on vacation I prayed I'd never have to see it again.  Unfortunately my prayers went unanswered.  Minus 22.

If Kenya wanted people to stop saying she's cray cray, she really needed to stop acting like it.

How funny was it when Kenya pointed out to Phaedra that she only attacked her professionally, then went on to attack her personally not 30 seconds later?  Plus 10.

I've always thought Phaedra was wrong to spread the rumor that Kenya was mentally ill. That's not something to joke about but Kenya's behavior does make me wonder if she missed her meds.

Where does all the cray cray leave us?  With Kandi mentioning she'd like to sing gospel.  Maybe she can hook that up to her musical vibrators at Bedroom Kandi. Just saying.



It was very hard to watch kenya's train wreck. I really felt so sorry for her. Plus she has no clue when it comes to nene. If nene was truly her friend, nene would have taken kenya outside, or to the ladies room to help her regroup. No, nene sat that enjoying the hell out of kenya making a fool of herself. That scene was really sad. Enjoyable, laughable, jaw droppind ridiculous, but sad on kenya's part. Lastly, orange lips egged kenya on, knowing full well kenya was going to make a fool of herself. It showed lack of control on kenya's part. dropping ridiculous, but a sad statement make by kenya. Lastly, orange lipst


I noticed the same thing about Cynthia and starting that stuff between Kenya and Phaedra and if anybody can remember, she did the same thing when they all came back from Africa when she went off running to tell Kim that they said she wouldn't hold a black baby. Cynthia is a real sh*t starter.

@ Jade

wasn't Sharee the one who ran and told Kim? yes, i believe that it was.


I just don't understand why Kenya is so spiteful! being that she was Ms USA she acts like she came from a kiddie pageant with no talent morals or values, I thought she was pretty and nice till I heard her talk and act a fool on this show


keyna is a tasteless bitter bitch. You can't bring her anywhere without her making a scene. That is going to be one long hard fall into reality when she falls off her pedestal and wonders why she still alone with no man and no friends. I understand walter more and more now.


Kenya's behavior on last night's episode was, as in my mother's words, rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. The self proclaimed "role model" is delusional if she thinks this is acceptable behavior. I do hope the other women, especially Nene, give her the business for using the domestic violence charity event to act out and suggest she may indeed need some professional help.

@ Cherie

It seems as though every time someone has a Charity event Kenya wants to show her ASS! this time she did it literally. I would buy the Donky Booty video before I think about a stallion booty anytime! Girl I cant wait till Ne Ne lets her Have it

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Quotes

[to Kenya Moore] You best hope nothing happens to me, because you might not have a job. I'm your storyline. I sustain your career . . . I built you, so stop playing games.

Apollo Nida

[to Kenya Moore] "You a sneaky, trifling slut."

Phaedra Parks