Teen Mom 2 Recap: Moving Up, Moving Out

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The Teen Mom 2 cast is always in a state of flux, but last night's episode featured even more upheaval than usual. Everyone was moving and shaking!

Sort of literally. All four seemed to be looking for new places to live.

There were fights. There were relationship issues. There were tears. In the end, did the girls wind up better or worse off than when we started?

Find out in THG's +/- recap of the latest Teen Mom 2!

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Chelsea Houska has recovered enough from the death of her dog Frankie last week to get a new dog. Good for her, finding the strength to carry on.

This is why Chelsea must move, she feels. To have a fenced in area for the dog. Sometimes, the life of Chelsea Houska is just SO HARD! Plus 10.

Naturally, her dad was skeptical, at which point she said, "Daddy, can you co-sign for my apartment? But I am 20! You can't tell me who to live with!"

Pretty sure he can unless you can pay for it, Chels. Minus 90.

Leah Messer, meanwhile dealt with drama from a different man in her life, as Corey Simms took some cheap shots at her relationship with Jeremy Calvert.

Yes, they're moving in together, already. Eek.

"He must have something good," Corey told her, possibly implying something sexual, if Corey Simms is smart enough to even grasp innuendo.

Either way, unnecessary. Minus 30.

Is Leah Messer moving too fast? Maybe. Probably. Yes. But 1. She's been through a divorce and may know what she wants now, and 2. It's her business.

Corey has had his chance with Leah Messer and seemed more than happy to act like a d!ck and let her go. Now he regrets it and disses her? Weak. Minus 20.

Kailyn Lowry nixes her plans to move to Texas so she can finish her degree and she and Isaac can be close to baby daddy Jo, which is best for all.

Wow, Plus 50 for the rare, mature decision on Teen Mom 2!

She also meets a new guy - who goes on to be her HUSBAND - Javi Marroquin! You can see why, as they hit it off right away in this episode. Plus 50.

Kails also looks for a new house and sees an adorable one that her friend's mom owns. It's got a lot of room and is close to work and school. Score!

Who needs Texas after all? Plus 20.

Jenelle Evans gets a surprise call from ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp, who is out of jail, but headed back to jail ... or something. That says it all though.

He has to turn himself in on outstanding warrants, but wants to see Jenelle. Her friend and roommate Amber is not a fan of any sort of reunion.

The tension rises, as it often does with Jenelle.

Amber also notes that Jenelle Evans isn’t allowed, legally, to hang out with convicted criminals while on probation, or she could be sent to jail as a result.

Not that Jenelle will care, but point, Amber. Plus 30.

Even though Jenelle knows this, she still meets up with Kieffer during his brief freedom, and says hanging out again “seemed like old times.”

Those times? They were NOT GOOD, JENELLE. Minus 130.

Of course, Kieffer stayed at their house for a couple days, and Amber’s boyfriend is also a convicted felon, resulting in double trouble for Jenelle. Minus 70.

With astounding hypocrisy, Jenelle berates Amber for bringing Joe around all the time, while hanging out with Kieffer Delp without a care in the world.

Amber has enough and moves the f*%k out, but not before they get into a heated fight and leaving us seriously concerned for Jenelle's mental state.

Seriously girl. Minus 100 for not seeking better help.


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Chelsea was barefoot when she first let the dog out and was trying to caught it but had boots on when she "discovered Frankie" makes me wonder how much time really elapsed between letting the dog out and the attack. Also where was the camera crew? I would think they could have put the cameras down and helped her catch the dog. Reality tv! There are something's that are more important than putting on a good show. Like the life if that little dog.


Wait, we finally meet Javi last night, Kail's new husband, and you don't even mention him in the recap? Or the sweet way Jeremy helped put together the twins birthday presents? These girls might be -300, but how about +100 for the boys? You really need to work on your recapping sills!
And Chelsea's mom thinks the best way for Chelsea to get over killing her dog is to get her another one?! Wow, the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. Poor Randy!