Teen Mom 2 Recap: Chelsea Houska's Dog Murdered By GED Practice Test

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The Teen Mom 2 cast always has its share of emotional ups and downs, but not the kind we saw coming this week, for poor Chelsea Houska in particular.

The MTV reality series has showed us many unsettling events over the years, but nothing quite like the demise of Chelsea Houska's puppy, Frankie.

Read on for THG's recap of the surprising, tragic events:

Chelsea Houska Cries

Chelsea Houska, nervous and scattered as always because she was late for yet another GED practice test, let her dogs outside to go to the bathroom.

Unleashed. Minus 20.

While Chelsea (and daugher Aubree) were able to capture Darla, little Frankie ran off ... and was mauled to death by the neighbor's big Husky. Minus 80.

"Every time I go to my test something happens," Chelsea laments ... and given the sheer volume of her GED tests / plans to take them, it's not untrue.

Had she not taken the test, would Frankie be alive today? What will the sacrifices be in order to achieve her dreams? It's all too much for her to take.

In any case, this time, an adorable French bulldog pup is dead. Chelsea's neighbor said, "If your dog was on a leash, it would still be alive."

That's just wrong to say. True, of course, but wrong.

Fortunately, Chelsea Houska sought the best kind of revenge, passing the math portion of the GED exam! Plus only 50, because it's the practice exam.

Imagine the stress likely to go ensue when it counts.

Leah Messer, Daughters

Leah Messer is moving too, into a four-bedroom house, but with Jeremy Calvert moving in! Plus 100, because at least someone shows commitment.

Meanwhile, Jenelle Evans breaks up with Josh and rents a house with her friend Amber. Not a bad trade-off ... except she abandons her education. Minus 50.

Yes, Jenelle Evans has "so much to deal with in [her] personal life" that she decides to drop out of another semester of school, forfeiting her tuition.

By "so much to deal with" she means packing, unpacking, Tweeting, providing the Internet with Jenelle Evans nude photos and maybe smoking weed.

Minus 50. But at least she still has her car.

Kailyn Lowry is still considering moving to Texas, an idea she floats to Jo Rivera. What would he do if she took their son so far away from Pennsylvania?

"Have a rap career," Kailyn snaps. Plus 10.

Jo emphasizes that it's important for Isaac to see his father regularly, and mentions that he let Kailyn's estranged mother, Suzi, see the boy as well.

Infuriated, Kail called Suzi using a friend's phone (her mom blocked her number), and Suzi still hung up on her. Kailyn was FURIOUS, and Jo got the point.

Next time, clear future visits with mom. Plus 20.



On monday night's episode Chelsea seemed to be over Frankie's death when she giggled to her father that her mom gave her another husky chew toy,then with puppy dog eyes told Daddy Dearest "I don't want to live here anymore" will you sign for another house for me? Of course Daddy Dearest said ok.As a responsible dog owner I was sickened by the stupidity of both of Chelsea's parents to give in to this spoiled brat's demands,Chelsea needs to get off her fat a-- ,get her GED,get a job,and learn how to be a mother,no wonder Adam left,no one wants a dumb blond.Mr Houska let your daughter grow up,she was mature enough to get pregnant,now let her learn what life's really about.


chelsea, i hope something bad happens to you, i really do. all you care about is putting on a orange face and having blonde whore hair, all you care about is beening on your knees and sucking adams dick, who doesnt give a fuck about you, you are nothing but a face for him to cum on, you dont know what love is, i ran into the street to save a dog that wasnt even mine, i have three dogs, that i would die for, you let your dog suffer in pain because you are fucking dumb, i would have been mualed by any dog to save my dogs i dont care what pain i would be in, but your a dumb whore and cried to your dad and you didnt even seem sad or even cared, your really fucking disgusting i wouldn't piss on you if you where on fire. you fucking dumb bitch.

@ alex

I can't agree more with Alex. I would do anything for my dog and would definitely pry another dogs mouth open even if that meant I'd have scars for the rest of my life. She is a disgusting spoiled brat who has the intelligence of a gold fish. I can't stand that episode and hate MTV for paying her to be a dumb bitch on TV. She will never amount to anything more than a shitty hair stylist that can't do much other than make your hair look like a birds nest. F*#k you Chelsea! May that poor little French bulldog RIP.

@ Agata


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