Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Break Up!

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Looks like it was a wrong direction! Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have broken up after only two months together.

Several reports are claiming that Swift and Styles have split because of their busy schedules and constant touring.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

However we're also hearing that Haylor got into a very heated argument on their romantic vacation to the British Virgin Islands. After the fight and subsequent split, Swift caught a flight back to the states while Styles stuck around and party hopped over to Richard Branson's private Necker Island.

A twitpic of Swift fleeing BVI is after the jump:

It looks like Taylor couldn't wait to get the heck out of there.

Taylor Swift On Boat Leaving BVI

Taylor and Harry's reps have yet to comment, but one thing is for sure: Taylor's next single just wrote itself!


Great. Now the public will get another CD of breakup songs. Can't wait. NOT.


styles is once again single!


Big surprise, here we go again! Taylor's relationships are getting shorter and shorter!! One thing is for sure, though...Millions of girls across America are crying in relief that Harry


Taylor seems to be a gal who falls for studs with major charm and seduction skills. Her parents ought to have taught her that guys like that are NOT husband material and will end up ruining HER reputation, which is unfair but it's the way the world works.


What's wrong with this girl singing about boyfriends.But I think is cool though.


There simply is no end to this girl's ways. She's not pretty by any means and I don't like her music either. I just hope she has the good sense to not sleep with all these guys, although there has been a few that I don't see dating her without sleeping with her dumbass. On the slim chance she isn't sleeping with them she's getting the reputation of a slut anyway. I don't buy this bullshit they're breaking because they are both on tour, other couples remain together during tours........ So many people criticize Kim K. while this girl makes Kim look like an angel.

@ Ms Billie

You seriously didn't just say that Taylor Swift make Kim Khardashian look like an angel, did you? While I don't care for Swift at all - last I knew she wasn't doing idiotic reality TV, marrying a pro basketball player then splitting from him, getting pregnant by a music star while still married, she didn't make a sex tape, and she doesn't take on projects so that she can remain in the spotlight. How is all of that worse than Taylor Swift breaking up with another boyfriend? Your sense of morality is pretty whacked Ms Billie...


Is she a ditz or just a whore?

@ critic

She's young, who says she's even slept with these guys? Young people date, and not just one person forever. Only thing is she is in the spotlight so everyone sees who she is dating where as regular people may go on as many as a few days a month with different people. She's not a whore, she's young and playing the field is what young people do. They find someone date them, if it works out great if not no. Stop giving the girl shit when yourself, many of the men and women your age date more often than she does.

Kaitlyn maki
@ J

Although you're right; she's a celebrity who should be smart enough to not date people who are busy with their lives and in the party life. If she's "playing the field", she obviously is looking for love and in the WRONG places. Sure we all make mistakes, but she's just plain not thinking right when it comes to relationships. Not all celebs have to date other celebs and not all celebs who date other celebs stay together for long. It also doesn't matter how old you are. People of all ages date the wrong people while playing the field. Just because you're young, does't mean others can make relationship mistakes.


The woman is clearly just a slut, jumping from one guy to another. And isn't every one of her fans already sick of her "break-up songs"? She is ridiculous and, in my opinion, diminishing her appeal and stature as both an artist, a young woman, and a role model with each male "conquest." Appalling!


Seriously, she is just a lil whore. And pple sit bck n curse miley out who is engaged to her longtime boyfriend. How old is taylor again? And she. Has already slept wif like a 100 boys. Am such they all dumped her azz cos her hoohoo is like a well nw. Taylor u hv many yrs ahead to date. Leave boys n discover ursef n make music. Beta still go to church n ask God to free u of every spirit husband. U need deliverance gurl. Lmaooo


What I can't figure out is why these guys keep going out with her. They know she's loopy! That's been pretty much established. Do they WANT her next song to be about them? It can't be for recognition...after all, there's no prestige in being Taylor's 2000th boyfriend. Who knows...maybe it will be Harry who ends up writing a song this time. Gotta love Hollywood...

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