Selena Gomez vs. Justin Bieber: Who Cries the Best River?

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Forget who, if anyone, cheated on whom for a moment.

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    selena better than justin.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH ROTFL thats to funny she sucked big time and he was amazingggg #foreverbelieber


    Justin my love you are best forever you are better than everyone lol....DONT WORRY BELIEBERS ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU :)


    seriously who cares? this is lollipop stuff! they got their whole lives ahead of them and are really talented:)


    Selena has takin this breakin up wit JB 2 far she needs 2 quit that n that go's 4 JB 2 both of them need 2 get back 2gether 4 a second time n JB still needs 2 quit smokin n stay Straight Edge Pop.


    Hahaha they both did a cover of that song?? I think they both need to just move on. Justin is a douche, and Selena can do a lot better than... That..

    @ Shania

    really? HA! ure funny he is and was wayyyy better and he deserves better than slelena just sayin.

    @ Shania

    I DONT think so okay jb is better


    Like is this a joke her vs bieber lol she can't even sing like she couldn't carry a note if we put one in her pocket and told her to walk away lol she probably voted all those times for herself she can't sing and she definitely can't sing better then bieber but keep trying to throw him under the bus he didn't cheat on u loser u just got all the fame u wanted from pretending to date him so u dumped him then tried to flip shit around like its his fault like come on lol

    @ bailey

    First things first , Selena sang that song much better than Justin did.Secondly Selena CAN sing OK?Also Selena did not pretend to date Justin its just that some people don't get facts right.Selena would still be very well known if she had not dated Justin.


    Blow me Selena


    ..................MISSISSIPPI RIVER?


    Selena followed up her boy trouble cover songs with Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time." This is a song about Britney screwing up with JT and wanted him to show her a sign that their love is still true. Why sing this song???

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