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Yes, You people should be scare better destory those evedince of your source he going to turn on you like that and tell how much you pay him and other stuff. I will destory you by telling Justin and he will sue that heck out of you. Get ready for kama.


My Girlfriend dad has track down that model or nursing student. She said no of what star said, " True and she really want to know your sources because here something for my Girlfriend dad's is on the hunt for him and he better start running because if he found him. He is going to reget making up any stories about Justin and selena. So tell you little friend he better be scare because when he does found this source he going to get some much lawsuit on him and then he turn on these gossip site and you guys are will have a lawsuit so far up you behind you won't be able to get out of and you will have to shut it down. He close to finding the source if the source. He has a couples friends looking for him or her. So you may want to make sure he is speaking the truth and not bull shit lying to you. I have heard different that the song she is going to sing is Not going to leave you. It doesn't sound like a revege song and in my eyes if she is she needs to grow up and she not a women let like she want to people to believe she is. Sorry it the truth I am a guy.


u know what selena revenge? why he was not being mean u r rude very rude i use to be a fan but no not any more justin was always first really i liked rebecca black more than you yea....tht bad! honestly a girl like you seems all sweet thats the other way aroundand have a cute personality but we see thats the other way around.

@ TaylorBieber

You say the he wasn't being mean now come on there are photo's out there of him leaving grab marks on her arm because she wasn't walking fast enough he was always telling her that she was know go that she should just give up and except that know one likes and the reason why they were together to so I and this JB talking here not me and now back to it so I could save your singing and acting carrer of course what was left of it.
Now I was there when JB said that stuff to her 2 weeks before the y broke up at the hotel he came back and told her that he was sorry and that he did know what he was saying because he was so drug up on Xanax and weed he did know what he was saying.
They got together but she had planned to end it with him down Mexico which she did and well what she saw when she surprised him by being there she was the one that got the truth; when Selena went there to the hotel to surprise him he wasn't there so she went to leave to go see if he was doing a sound check at the concert venue but when she came out of the hotel his van showed up and the Valet opened the the sliding door showing JB in a lip lock with some girl and his hands were in places they shouldn't of been on her.
Thats when Selena flipped and broke up with him.
Now thats mean and rude for what JB did to her and thats the truth because it's straight from JB security guards cousin. Which security guards cousin am I Francos'

@ Someone

Ok, Now let see he most like didn't have a security gurd with him on His Vaction. He has a body guard dumby. Not a security guard. So you and that so cousin of his must be lying oh busted. He would of been the one their. That big muslce tatto dude you saw him with they smart alex You better ask what the security gaurd look like. I have a wierd feeling that they are going to get back together I have heard half of her fans are not going go to her spring breaker movie unless she gives Justin another try plus The have bad achme that why Just does proactive That where the red marks come from. Justin had it on him to and you are not acrussing her about beating him it prove the you friend maybe lying about being his cousin let find out give me the name and let me ask JB. If you have the balls to.

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