Samuel L. Jackson Challenges Reporter to Say N-Word

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You've gotta love Samuel L. Jackson.

The veteran actor sat down this week for an interview with Jake Hamilton of "Jake's Takes," only to make the situation quite awkward for the Caucasian reporter when the subject turned to the use of the N-Word in Django Unchained.

No? None? Which N-Word, Jackson asked? He then refused to answer any question related to this topic unless Hamilton said the full word.

Could the journalist do it? Watch and find out?

Jackson, meanwhile, has already said that Django Unchained is entertainment and folks such as Spike Lee should relax over its depiction of history.


Samuel jackson is funny lol


I don't find it hard at all to use the word nigger when looking at Samuel Jackson.

@ EffHollywoodAndSamJackson



Weak! How will we ever get over the major issues if we are so divided over the use of a six-letter word?


Good for Mr. Jackson , this BS practice of saying "n-word"in place of nigger just lets the reporters/speakers plant the word nigger in your brain. If they are going to induce me to think it , I think they should have to say it!