Ronaiah Tuiasosopo: Behind the Manti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax?

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With Manti Te'o expected to speak later today and address the girlfriend hoax that has left a country baffled, let's turn our attention for a moment over to Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

A 22-year old whose relatives include a pair of former NFL players, Tuiasosopo played high school football in California and is reportedly a huge fan of USC.

Many believe he has either been working with Te'o on this cover-up or he's the "Catfish" behind the scam and has been posing as Lennay Kekua for years in order to punish Te'o for choosing Notre Dame over USC.

GF Hoax

The original Deadspin article that broke this hoax lists Tuiasosopo as the individual who obtained the photo that was believed to be Lennay, the one associated with her Twitter and Facebook accounts (above).

TMZ, meanwhile, has posted a long article that details the story of a Notre Dame fan who thought she was interacting online for weeks with Lennay's sister - but when she arranged to meet the sibling at a football game, Tuiasosopo showed up instead.

Ronaiah "made it seem as if he was a member of Kekua's family," the TMZ report reads, with that site's source providing it with the phone number she was given to call Lennay's sister. It is registered to a man named Titus Tuiasosopo, Ronaiah's dad.

Tuiasosopo has not spoken about his alleged connection to the hoax yet, but the question at this point doesn't seem to be whether or not he was involved.

Merely whether or not he was working with or against Manti Te'o.

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