Repeal Obamacare Bill: Introduced By Michele Bachmann, Again

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Proving that some things never change, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) introduced a bill to repeal Obamacare on the first day of the 113th Congress.

It's an effort that has been tried repeatedly by House Republicans, only to fail, or ultimately be shot down by the Senate, controlled by Democrats.

Some estimate that 33 (34 now) such bills have been introduced.

Michele Bachmann Fashion

As she noted during her 2012 White House run, Bachmann sticks to her guns, and that means a proud, unwavering dedication to dismantling Obamacare.

Whatever you think of Michele Bachmann's position:

  1. This will never be passed with a Democratic Senate and President.
  2. It comes just days after Congress failed to pass a relief package for Hurricane Sandy victims or reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

Your tax dollars at work?


I thought the Supreme Court found that the bill in question was valid and as such the government and President of the day has every right to bring their policies into law.
What sort of an idiot is this woman? A publicity hound perhaps, or maybe has a large sponsorship from the Health Insurance Industry and she likes the money.
The Healthcare Bill is just the start of what has been badly needed for many years for the biggest percentage of Americans.
Anyone by choice can still have the same type of health insurance as is available now, so nothing has changed in that regard. It just means that there are two systems available to service the sick.
Perhaps she, and the many other ill informed people who are so outspoken against public healthcare should take the trouble to travel to the many countries that have had public healthcare available for many years and check the real facts. Almost all of these many countries are not socialist or communist as claimed by detractors but have a western style of living very similar to the USA. A lot of these countries are much smaller than the USA in both population and GDP and most seem to be managing their economies quite well without going broke as is often cried as the reason to reject the Bill by the detractors.
The USA has the capability to have the best overall healthcare in the world but unfortunately the system that currently exists restricts very badly this outcome.
The overall current healthcare available to all US citizens is poor on a world stage and it is about time it came up to somewhere near that which is available elsewhere.
I feel that a large percentage of those against public health care are just plain selfish. They have enough money to pay for the health care they need and do not care about those who are not as affluent as them.
Currently, the exorbitant costs of Private Health Insurance and the costs of treatment are a real detractor for all of the population to have access to the treatments available. The health industry in general is very greedy and I can not see them reducing their charges anytime soon, so perhaps the so called Obamacare Bill will give the many millions of Americans who are currently suffering from something, and do not have the money to pay the prices asked, a chance to have some treatment. As for me, I am widely traveled internationally with my job over the last 40 years and so I do have a reasonable knowledge of what is available elsewhere.
Also I dislike politics and politicians, as they seem to mainly represent themselves and their sponsors, and am not rusted on to any political party or agenda except that which is needed for the betterment of all.
I guess a number of non thinkers may not agree with my ideas, but I don't think I will worry too much about it
( ps. I do have private health insurance, which is not cheap as I am now retired)


yeah , you are the moron!!!!! The popular vote (we the people spoke and we id NOT vote for the muslum) , we vote for the american nominee. If they come to your ouse to take your shit , how ar you going to protect your family???? Words won't help you then!!!!! Guns don't kill people ,people kill people!!!!!! MORON


Michelle Bachmzan is a stupid grandstander. Hopefully she would have lost. The Supreme Court has approved OBAMACARE. Let it go or get her out of the news. Her views are not respected by most of the country and it makes me crazy that she has to add to the circus. Fight the NRA, Michelle , you will do well to lower your prescense and do something worthwhile for a change.

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